Sort by "date added" for sessions?

Tim Kellogg
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Sort by "date added" for sessions?

Anyone know of a way to sort the 1500+ Ignite sessions by "date added?" The home page of "MyIgnite" lists some recent changes but not all. I'd like to be able to see newly added sessions without having to search through all of them every time. Thanks!

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Re: Sort by "date added" for sessions?

Two years ago when I attended they had a "New Session" tag, but it appears they didn't do that this year.  I wish they had kept it since the home page only shows the last 10ish changes instead of all in the last x days.  Near impossible to find new sessions that way.  And sadly, it's probably too late now to ask them to implement something else to make it easier.


Make sure to add that to your feedback when you fill it out.



Re: Sort by "date added" for sessions?

I did reach out to them on twitter before but was directed to the home page. :(

Bummer. Thanks for the info though!


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