Introducing Dux Raymond Sy – Microsoft Ignite Community Reporter

Dux Raymond Sy

Introducing Dux Raymond Sy – Microsoft Ignite Community Reporter

Hi, I’m Dux! I serve as the CMO & Public Sector CTO of AvePoint.


Dux.jpgDux Raymond Sy - MVP, RD, and Microsoft Ignite Community Reporter

I’ve been working with Microsoft technologies since the late 90s and am passionate about helping organizations accelerate their digital transformation journey. I’m grateful to be awarded as a Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valuable Professional for all the technical evangelism and community involvement in my 20-year career. I’ve had the great privilege of authoring the book SharePoint for Project Management, presenting to over 10,000 people in various industry events worldwide, and interviewing industry icons.

Looking back, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to ask Bill Gates a question, have the Atlanta Falcons drumline open my keynote presentationperform impromptu at Hard Rock Cafebeatbox while wearing a kilt, and even jump on the Gangnam Style phenomenon.

I’m an avid foodie and have consumed exotic food that even locals wouldn’t dare try. Someday I will pick up a paddle and go back to rowing, as I once was part of the Philippine Dragon Boat Rowing team.

You can find me on:



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Q&A with Dux:


What do you think your most valuable skill is? Why?


Dux: My most valuable skill is the ability to communicate and engage with people from all walks of life to convey the value of technology in a practical and meaningful way. I find it beneficial that through my experiences and lessons learned, people can relate and, more importantly, take the guidance I provide and effectively apply it.


Tech communities are incredibly active. What role do these communities play in your career?


D: Tech communities have been essential to my personal and professional growth. I’ve had the great opportunity to be involved with SharePoint Saturday in the early days of its inception, participate as a speaker in various user groups, and mentor folks new to the ecosystem through IAMCP. Through these endeavors I have learned so much from industry experts, given back to the broader community, and expanded my professional network, which often leads to business opportunities.


What are common challenges you see across your clients?


D: The common challenge I see across my clients is twofold – first, how can their organization truly reap the business benefits of their technology investment and second, how can they effectively facilitate sustainable technology adoption within their organization. I always stress that business matters, technology doesn’t – essentially driving home the point that if technology doesn’t address business needs, it doesn’t matter.


What advice would you give to a first-time Microsoft Ignite attendee?


D: First of all, congrats! Heading to Microsoft Ignite for the first time is exciting. To get the most out of it, the first step is to identify the goals you want to achieve and outcomes you expect. Once you set those intentions, plan your agenda ASAP – register for sessions, connect with people on LinkedIn and Twitter to chat with at the event, and write down topics to discuss with each person.


While at the conference, whenever you have meaningful conversations, connect with those folks on LinkedIn and send a quick follow-up note with next steps. Also, remember to spend some time alone at the end of each day. Go through a mental debrief of your biggest takeaways and any actions/next steps to take the following day.


At the end of the week, don’t let all your mental debriefing go to waste! Put together an executive summary of the key takeaways from the event, people you met, and any actions or next steps to be taken.


What session are you most looking forward to this year?


D: I’m looking forward to all the Keynote sessions – I know it will be very inspiring and open my mind to what’s possible with the latest and greatest Microsoft technology.


Outside of the sessions, what part of Microsoft Ignite 2017 are you most looking forward to?


D: 2 words: “Serendipitous Collision”. I look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones. 😊

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Go Animo La Salle!

Re: Introducing Dux Raymond Sy – Microsoft Ignite Community Reporter

Congrats to you Dux. See you in Orlando

Re: Introducing Dux Raymond Sy – Microsoft Ignite Community Reporter

Will you be at #MSIgnite Fred?

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Re: Introducing Dux Raymond Sy – Microsoft Ignite Community Reporter

Would love to but unfortunately not. Currently in BC, Canada and would be nice to connect next time you're in Pacific Northwest. 





Re: Introducing Dux Raymond Sy – Microsoft Ignite Community Reporter

Great to see you running around MS Ignite, Dux. Serendipitous Collision indeed!