Ignite 2017 Certification exam discounts : Update

Pinaki Ghatak

Ignite 2017 Certification exam discounts : Update

Dear Ignite visitors,

After some digging in with blogs on BornToLearn and exam sites, I discovered that Certification exam discounts are already in place, but it was not very publicized.

So I'm happy to share the news, the discounts are in place. Here are the steps.


  1. Go to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-list.aspx
  2. Choose the exam you want to take.
  3. It does not matter which country you are from, and where your MCP ID is, but when scheduling the exam, see that you are on the U.S. page.
  4. When selecting the test center, search for Orlando FL.
  5. Select the location Microsoft Event Test Center. It will say Microsoft Ignite attendees only.
  6. Choose your dates between Sept 25-29. 
  7. Choose time. Please be aware, the times on thre webssite shows PDT but that should be ignored. So if you book an exam at 9:000 AM, that will mean 9:00 AM local Florida time. I conffirmed this with the people at the exam center.
  8. 50% discount will be automatically applied during your payments.
  9. Certification preparation is available in the next room. You go to this room, sit on one of the Surface Pro on the table, and do your practice test for free. Please bear in mind, the exams you actually schedule for certification may not be avaialble for the preparation practice test. Plan accordingly.

That's all. I hope this helps the readers. I myself have 2 exams scheduled to take advanage of this.

 I followed the above steps myself, attended 2 exams, and reached my MCSE.

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Re: Ignite 2017 Certification exam discounts available!

Great Post. I will be working in the Certification Central area. So if you are taking an exam and have any certification questions, stop by and see me. I will be there from 1-6pm from Tuesday through Thursday.

Re: Ignite 2017 Certification exam discounts available!

Hi John.

Great. Thanks for the update. In fact, I booked the exam 70-774 for Tuesday. But since this is 2:00 PM PDT, I beleive that will be 5:00 PM for me.

It will be great to get some tips and study materials on this.


Re: Ignite 2017 Certification exam discounts available!

Thanks Pinaki - I was looking out for the exam options...

John, I will be along for some pointers - 2nd attempt at 70-695 and would be good to come home with an MCSE under my belt :-) 

Re: Ignite 2017 Certification exam discounts available!

Quick questions.  Do I need to book in advance?  Do they run out off spots to take tests?

And, where are the free test exams?  Do they show up after you register or are they in Certification Center?


Thanks in advance and see ya in Orlando....

Re: Ignite 2017 Certification exam discounts available!

Hi Chad.

If you follow the steps I mentioned, above, the discount of 50% will be applied automatically. There are no free exams.

Yes you have to book the exam in advance.


The exams will be held at the venue, and this is also "bring your own device" model of doing the exams as I was told.


This video explains in detail the layout, and what is located where. This should help you.


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Re: Ignite 2017 Certification exam discounts available!

Let me clarify.

Do tesing hours fill up quickly?  For example, I want to take my test on Wednesday.  Should I book now so I can get the time I want or if I do it on Wednesday morning is there a chance there will be no openings?


Second, the following post says

"Microsoft Ignite attendees will receive a discount on exams at Certification Central, along with free practice exams and exam prep sessions to ensure success!"


I know where the exam prep session is but where do I find the "Free practice Exam".




Re: Ignite 2017 Certification exam discounts available!

You can see from the following picture that there will be plenty of seat open for both taking exams and exam prep. Just come on down to Certification Central and we will get you a seat. I will be there Tuesday through Thursday in the afternoon if you need any assistance. Good Luck and Happy Testing.



Re: Ignite 2017 Certification exam discounts : Update

When I am trying to text 52426 "MCP Exam" for the post-Ignite discount on the exams, I get "Sorry there was an error, please check with the team at the learning booth.

I really would like to knock out a couple exams in the next couple weeks so I really need the discount codes.

Re: Ignite 2017 Certification exam discounts : Update

I'm having the same problem.  Did you get any feedback or find a solution?