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Servers are so 2016. In this session, we walk you through the evolution of a traditional three-tier application running in any datacenter around the world and follow it’s progress as we migrate and transform it into a true modern application running in bo... Read More
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I could not find the video and deck on for this session online.

Can you please share it?


Thanks and Regards,


Everything you need to know about recent updates to Remote Desktop Services
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Scott Beckett said that you can do it was not a problem
A common concern with Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows as a service has to do with the size of both monthly quality updates and the less-frequent feature updates. We have a variety of technologies that can help reduce the impact on an organization's netwo... Read More
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Where is the slide deck for this session?

We are nearly two months since Ignite in the USA and still no slide deck.



As organizations push forward on their digital transformation through increased use of cloud services, understanding the current state of cloud security is essential. Maintaining a strong security posture for your cloud-based innovation is a shared respon... Read More
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Just chiming in with others.     This was a great session.   The slide deck would be greatly appreciated.

any idea when this slide will be online since no update has been done since last reply?

Are you still planning on uploading the slide deck?
Colleges, universities, and grade schools have seen tremendous benefits in using Yammer to accelerate real world learning. We've seen many academic institutions leverage Yammer to connect teachers, students, alumni and recruits in learning that supports s... Read More
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Fascinating look at Degreed from the Christensen Institute. Innovators Worth Watching



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Really eager to explore together the forces at play and how the recommendations of top minds in this space might be facilitated with Yammer!




Some of my thoughts are comi

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Exchange Online, when used with the latest Outlook clients, can use tokens to authenticate users rather than usernames and passwords. This session describes how we're extending this scenario to on-premises Exchange Servers as well.
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Kindly please upload the recordings

Knowing how Yammer is used at your organization will help you build better communities. Gain insights into how Yammer is aiding community building and management at both network and group levels. Learn about exciting new capabilities and resources to fost... Read More
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It would be cool if there was a direct link from here right back to the Community page for this specific topic.
No matter how big your company is, the reality is that your end users are building BI systems in Excel, harvesting their data from Excel workbooks and text files. This workshop explores the journey that an end user takes to create the solutions that they ... Read More
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What next,
Data is the new Electricity, and Big Data technologies are helping organizations leverage this new phenomena to foster their businesses in innovative ways. In this session, we show how you can leverage the big data services such as Data Warehousing, Hadoo... Read More
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Please provide the right slide deck for this presentation!! We like the visual of the Azure Data Platform!
With the wave of virtualization you radically reduced compute costs and became a hero in your company. The next wave with software-defined storage will enable you to radically reduce storage costs and be an IT hero once again! Storage Spaces Direct is at ... Read More
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@0:02:46 where can I get the full configuration of all the network connection and settings?
All LACP, VLAN, IP-Address, NIC-Team, etc....

Would the network configuration be... Read More
there is a problem with the powerpoint presentation.
Next time you attend a meeting, watch what happens when women at the table offer ideas. If your office is like most in America, you’ll notice women are interrupted almost three times as often as men. Some interruptions are to assert dominance but sometime... Read More
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Is a recording of this presentation available?

Securely use and manage video across your organization. Microsoft Stream makes it easy to drive video collaboration across your organization - with intelligent features and intuitive UI that makes video an ideal communication channel.
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@Amit Rajput  I was at this Ignite session.  Any updates on when Microsoft will allow companies to switch from Office 365 Video to Microsoft Stream? Is there a checklist

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Yammer is most engaging as a platform when many people are participating and answering questions. Sometimes those answers can make all the difference when your company or team is facing an urgent issue. We all love the Yammer website and desktop app, but ... Read More
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This theater session wasn't recorded by Microsoft but here is a post-event re-recording.

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This session is for Yammer Network Admins, Community Managers, Group Owners, and Power Users looking to get more engaged with their Yammer networks. Those new to Yammer m

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Join the Microsoft product teams for a deep dive into how Office 365 and EMS enable users to engage and collaborate inside and outside your organization. See how Office 365 and Azure Active Directory can help you easily move identity to the cloud and powe... Read More
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I'm very interested in being able to download the session content as well.

Hi @Mats Gustafsson sorry for the delay there are lots of decks we're working quickly to update en masse due to last minute changes. They will be available to download sh... Read More
hi, Anyone seen this content anywhere? the download link just refer me to "blob does not exist"?
Microsoft HoloLens is the first self-contained, untethered head-mounted holographic computing device for mixed reality. It blends 3D holographic content into your physical world, giving holograms context and scale to interact with digital content and the ... Read More
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If you're watching this session, know that I did run into issues in my first demo due to the preview nature of the software I was showing. I basically was not getting any

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Great session. Still missing the slides
DMARC is a term that is mentioned in relation to protecting your email and users from spoofing. How does it work, what does it mean, why would you want to implement another three letter acronym (okay, it's five letters), is it complicated, how can I secur... Read More
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Please upload Recordings

IT departments have been seeing tremendous value in using Yammer to support organization wide IT initiatives. From Windows 10 rollouts, to introducing Office 365, to supporting your helpdesk, Yammer is being used to help IT departments collect feedback an... Read More
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Here's a low-fidelity recording of the session.   A huge thank you to all who attended.  I hope it was valuable to you.

The modern workplace is here. Rapid, dynamic communications and collaboration are the heartbeat of today's organizations but are too often disconnected. Join Lori Wright, General Manager of Microsoft Teams and Skype, as she unveils exciting news for the f

... Read More
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I'm looking forward to this change, but what about users who will not need the full Teams experience?  Will there be a slimmed down UI similar to what we have today with

... Read More

Hi There,


When will the slides be availible for us to download




Any idea when the session slides will be available?

Teams is on a real good way to become the communication client- had a lot of customers looking for this...

My quick summary of this presentation for those in a hurry - https://ucgeek.co/2017/09/wow-microsoft-teams/


Some cool stuff coming!

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Limited space, first-come first-served seating. Join Rohan Kumar, John JG Chirapurath and Sunday Morning Linux Review as we go over how to bring the industry-leading performance and security of SQL Server to Linux.
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@Cathrine Wilhelmsen got to interview Rohan Kumar at Microsoft Ignite, check out the video here:


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Understanding how your users adopt and use Office 365 is critical for you as an Office 365 admins. It allows you to monitor adoption, plan training, and to report back to your management with meaningful insights. In 2017, we introduced a variety of new re... Read More
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Well, the video is now available here: https://youtu.be/j5CaRCN9bss


However, the audio is very bad in the first few minutes. @Anne Michels perpahs you can get the tech gu

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Learn how ongoing innovation can help you succeed with Digital Transformation for portfolios, programs and projects. Microsoft PPM enhances productivity by providing a comprehensive solution for collaborative work, project, portfolio and resource manageme... Read More
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oh and the slide deck on the webpage is a draft version... fyi :)
Great session with some much needed change into the Agile/Lean/BiModal space!
This meetup facilitates the discussion of how best to combine the communicative experience of the Microsoft Bot Framework with the behind the scenes artificial intelligence of Microsoft Cognitive Services to create great solutions for all people. Technolo... Read More
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Just finished a blog post collecting some of the results we created at Ignite in the OneNote notebook.  You can read my thoughts at: http://blog.markbschramm.com/2017/10/after-ignitebots-and-brains-meetuppart.html


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The slide presentation is available for download and it includes the updated URL for the OneNote document we created together.

It seems that bit.ly won't let me change the URL.  So, here is the NEW link to get back to your OneNote notes:




This will get you re

... Read More

I can't wait for Ignite to arrive.  I'm really excited to talk with everybody and get your opinions on Bots and Brains.  I've been working with the MS Bot framework over

... Read More
Microsoft Azure has achieved massive, global scale, with 40 announced regions consisting of over 150 datacenters, and it is growing fast. It delivers the promise of cloud computing, including high-availability, extreme performance, and security, by custom... Read More
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The real presentation still is not online, only the placeholder. Have to create the presentation content myself now based on the video.



For Gavriella Schuster, CVP of WW Channels and Programs, her bold was Courage, Conviction and Follow Through. For Toni Townes-Whitley, CVP of Industry, her bold was Love Fiercely, Live Fearlessly, and Have Forgiveness. Bold people stand out from the group... Read More
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Learn how easily you can build a custom PowerApps on SharePoint data, from start to finish in a single session. SharePoint users and InfoPath customers, see the future of SharePoint UI customization in action.
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Microsoft Ignite Content 2017 Announcements
Welcome to the Microsoft Ignite Community!

That's a wrap! Microsoft Tech Summit 2017 has finished for another year, if you missed the event or simply want to recap then please feel free to browse the content here. You will find session recordings and decks for most of the sessions.

Microsoft Tech Summits coming to a city near you starting Nov 16th, 2017

Check our the Microsoft Tech Summit website for more information and to register.