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As you transform your business, the IT surface area you are responsible for protecting continually shifts. Meanwhile, attackers are innovating and stepping up their techniques. Join Julia White, Vice President responsible for security, to see how Microsof... Read More
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I applaud Microsoft for adding options in supporting being proactive in security, I'm still weighing the reactive. Once your data is compromised, it is compromised. The a... Read More
Join us as we showcase how to get the most out of branding SharePoint in modern pages, lists and libraries. We’ll discuss new out of the box features for shared navigation and theming across a set of sites, and how they relate to classic extensibility poi... Read More
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I was so impressed when I first saw it. I'm wondering about the text formatting which I can't really find that much about in the Fabric UI. 


I now have an issue, or 'th

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@Melissa Torrescan you provide any information about how the options that will be available to style the navigation?

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Looks like slide deck is too large to bring up into the PowerPoint viewer. Can you provide a link for just a file download?
Servers are so 2016. In this session, we walk you through the evolution of a traditional three-tier application running in any datacenter around the world and follow it’s progress as we migrate and transform it into a true modern application running in bo... Read More
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Could you please make available the video recording and slide deck?


I could not find the video and deck on for this session online.

Can you please share it?


Thanks and Regards,


This talk offers a quick look for those wondering what's new in the modern SharePoint and how it differs from the classic version of the product. Perfect for those on-premises looking to move to Office 365 or even SharePoint 2016. Find out what's changed ... Read More
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Can you please provide the session and content links for this information.

@Benjamin Niaulin I did not see your session what I am curious about is when I now create a new SharePoint site in the SharePoint admin center I can add some features so

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Securely use and manage video across your organization. Microsoft Stream makes it easy to drive video collaboration across your organization - with intelligent features and intuitive UI that makes video an ideal communication channel.
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@Amit Rajput  I was at this Ignite session.  Any updates on when Microsoft will allow companies to switch from Office 365 Video to Microsoft Stream? Is there a checklist

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Administration, governance and data loss prevention are critical components of successful application and environment management. Learn how to manage users, permissions, data sharing and roles in environments across your PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Comm... Read More
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@James Oleinik would it be possible to get the PowerApp you used to make this presentation?

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In this session, learn about the new Hybrid Cloud Print feature added to Windows Server 2016 to support printing to corporate printers when using an Azure Active Directory joined or managed BYOD device. The core of this session is a step-by-step walk-thro... Read More
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Looking forward to meet everyone at Ignite.


If you have questions you would like me to cover in this session, please feel free to post in this discussion thread ahead o

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Do you have sensitive data in Office 365 that you need to keep safe from improper sharing? Do want your employees to seamlessly share and collaborate, but need controls to ensure they share the right content with the right people?  Join us for this sessio... Read More
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What are the plans for adding Yammer as a workload to the Unified Policy Store? 

Go behind the scenes to learn exactly how we using machine learning and relevancy algorithms to power intelligence experiences. Learn all the ways SharePoint is dynamic and intelligent and how we do it.
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@Torbjørn Helvik @Jakub Cech Is the personal ranker metioned on slide #35 available via the Graph API?

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@Torbjørn Helvik @Jakub Cech Is the personal ranker metioned on slide #35 available via the Graph API?

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What is the Graph API to returns the sharepoint insight data sets?

@Torbjørn Helvik

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@Torbjørn Helvikare there any Security or Compliance features that depend on the Graph? i.e, are the Data Loss Prevention policies affected if the Graph is disabled in O3

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Effective search and discovery needs to know what information that is relevant to you, your colleagues, the work you do and your context right now. Find out how we have used insights across Microsoft 365 to create such a personalized search experience. A ... Read More
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@Naomi Moneypenny, @Katherine Hammervold

Are the interactive visual features of the modern search experience that were showcased in this session now available? If not whe

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@Naomi Moneypenny, @Katherine Hammervold


I have lots of questions following your session about the future of search and discovery in SharePoint and Office 365.  Great dem

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Customers looking for solutions to help deploy Skype for Business on premises or in the cloud have a plethora of options that are optimized for their communications environments. Recent cloud enhancements such as support for media bypass provide new benef... Read More
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Hi: Would this presentation be posted? Thanks

Microsoft Ignite wrote:
Customers looking for solutions to help deploy Skype for Business on premises or in the cloud have a
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Learn how this new Microsoft Office 365 feature can identify threats that your tenant might be more susceptible to, users who might be targeted by these threats, and simulate benign attacks against these users to see who might need to be better educated o... Read More
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A traditional Windows 7 workplace is the bread and butter of most IT organizations. With Windows 10, modern management offers many benefits for the business in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. In this session we demo how you can create a modern workplac... Read More
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The download of the deck is OK, but the presentation does not play online.

the slide deck is inaccessible.
Raise you organization’s productivity bar from good to great with Microsoft Teams, the chat-based workspace in Microsoft Office 365. This session helps you deliver deeper value of Office 365 with practical tips on how to enable your business to make the m... Read More
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 The slides are still 'coming soon' for this session?  Any chance of them being published?

The flexibility of SharePoint enables organizations to tailor sites to their specific business needs. We’ll show you how you can use custom site themes (look and feel) and site designs (layout & configuration) to standardize how users create their team si... Read More
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Could you please clarify, will it be possible to add an app to site by custom site design. For example, if we have custom SPFx application extension which applies

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@Sean Squireshow will all of these site design scripts and custom themes work with existing sites?

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Microsoft Teams provides the enterprise security and compliance features you expect from Office 365, including eDiscovery and legal hold for channels, chats, and files. Learn how Microsoft Teams encrypts your data, provides enhanced security with multi-fa... Read More
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Retention is what is holding us back and it’s also holding us from moving from Slack. It was brought up at Ignite that retention policies would be available sometime befo... Read More
Good session thanks! Question.

Scenario -
in the case of the Team channel chats being stored in the Team mailbox, and then at some point the Team being deleted. How do we r... Read More

I would like to learn about any plans to provide a historical log of team membership and activities. It could become important to know if someone joined a team, did somet

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Looking forward to this session.  Would be great to see dialog discussion around retention and setting up policies around expiration. 

This session teaches you how to bring your data to life using new chart types in Excel. In this session, learn which chart type(s) to use with specific data sets and hear tips on highlighting your most important insights for others in your organization.
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Will this presentation be updated?  Still showing "Session deck to come after Microsoft Ignite!".

This session showcases our vision for Microsoft Whiteboard – a freeform digital canvas where people, ideas, and content come together to enable creative productivity in your business.
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I see the preview is available but in typical Microsoft fashion when you click on the link you get a 404 error that the file name has changed, location is changed or the

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I just watched this session, and also I don't see any sections of MS Tech community about Microsoft Whiteboard app. Is this a new section that will get created as it come

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Did you know that Office 365 can help make you a better communicator, as well as a worse one? Join Loryan Strant and Darrell Webster in this session and learn how to use Office 365 technologies to improve communications and collaboration for yourself and ... Read More
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Did the actual THR2183 session not get recorded?

@Loryan Strant and I are looking forward to getting the discussion going on this topic. We have the tools and the technology. But used in the wrong way, the digital workp

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See an intelligent customer care scenario leveraging Bot Framework, Cognitive Services, Big Data, Machine learning and dynamics to showcase a customer experience who is looking for insurance for her new car. The intelligent customer care bot will engage i... Read More
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hi there,


do you have this video and code hosted somewhere? 




This sounds really interesting.  I've done some work around "hand off" and it's not as easy as I would like it to be.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the full inter

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We're continuing the 20+ year tradition of the Exchange Tips & Tricks series. This session is the world premiere of the new Tips & Tricks for 2017, with all new tips, tricks, and other useful information related to Microsoft Exchange Server, Exchange Onli... Read More
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Hi folks,

Hoped you enjoyed the session. You can download my decks from Ignite at https://1drv.ms/f/s!AppCzTS3E0Z1iooKe-WgwfclkKoNqg.


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Do we have online streaming available ?

I will be there. Scott always has good information to share

Looking forward it, tips and tricks is always a good one!
In the session we are taking OS Deployment in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and System Center Configuration Manager to its outer limits. Deployment tips, tricks, and hardcore debugging in a single session from industry experts. You can expect a lot of live... Read More
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Johan went to a few web pages during the demo - would be great to get them.
See firsthand how we continue to push SharePoint Lists and Libraries forward into the modern world. Whether you are an individual managing your own work, on a team working on a project, or an organization looking to create intelligent and relevant informa... Read More
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Great presentation and roadmap ahead. Any idea when the bulk metadata tagging you demoed will be made available?

Administrating Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online is not a trivial task. To be successful, admins need a broad understanding of the product and a deep understanding of the different Office 365 Admin Centers. We are on a journey to make it easy for a... Read More
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- what about RBAC, waiting now 3 years, for example user settings, license settings reader  role ?

- what about getting all configuration settings using ps and not only sp

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@Zohar RazI reviewed the slides and I don't see anything about planned changes for the Search and User Profile settings. Can you provide any info about that?


Also, please

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Join us to learn about what’s new with Outlook add-ins. At the end of the session, you’ll know how to build add-ins for Android and ensure your solution is available to the right set of users through Office 365 Centralized Deployment. We’ll also spend som... Read More
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Hi, Could you share source code of Outlook add-in app created for Ignite 2017 ?
Yammer continues to integrate more deeply with O365. Get a deep dive into Yammer's roadmap for migrating Yammer's infrastructure into O365. Learn how these investments will unlock new value for customers, including enhanced resilience, compliance and secu... Read More
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Currently Yammer has 2 options for deleting content, soft and hard. Are there any plans to provide time based deletion (like the records retention capabilities in Exchang

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