With so many sessions to choose from, you can’t possibly attend all of your favorites in person. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Microsoft Ignite’s keynotes and sessions will be available for live streaming, starting September 24.


Whether you’re registered for this year’s Microsoft Ignite or not, all of the event’s highlights can be accessed on MyIgnite, including:


  • Virtual access to all sessions and theaters
  • Live streaming of all Microsoft Ignite 2018 content
  • Use of the Session Scheduler to build a virtual agenda
  • Live session commenting on Microsoft Tech Community
  • Free downloads of Microsoft Ignite slide presentations
  • On-demand viewing 24 hours after each live session

Some content from Microsoft Ignite 2018 will be available to everyone, including the opening vision and technology keynotes. But if you want to choose from the event’s full offerings, you’ll need to sign into or register for MyIgnite as outlined below.


Registered for Microsoft Ignite 2018?

Simply sign into MyIgnite using your Microsoft Ignite registration account.


Not registered for Microsoft Ignite 2018?

If you’re already a member of the Microsoft Tech Community, simply use that login. If you’re not a member yet, you can register through the MyIgnite sign-in dialog box.


And while you’re here, let us offer a few recommendations for speakers and sessions you’ll want to include in your MyIgnite agenda.


See you in the live streams!


The Microsoft Ignite Team



Occasional Visitor

Can we get the WiFi fixed?  

Senior Member

Where can we find the recordings? Seems difficult to find them. Yesterday I could see a lot of recordings in the channel, now I only see the vision key note. Now I have to navigate session by session to see if a recording is present and finding slide decks seems to be even harder. Is this because these are not uploaded yet? Not all of us are so lucky to be onsite.

Occasional Visitor

Is there something going on with the site. I am unable to see any of the on demand sessions? 

Frequent Visitor

live sessions are not all available ;

when available, no wifi;

when available and wifi, some sessions have no sound ;

when no sound, live transcription is not working (some weird words...) ;

live transcription in a ridiculous new browser instead integrated;

such a delay in transcription that it is just not useful to understand what's going on; funny where you are (trying to see) a session about real-time web app w/ SignalR;

hands-ob labs not available as well.

So it's nice to hear it's available to non-attendees! At least, they didn't pay for no-service.

Are breakout sessions recorded and posted as well? #MSIgnite

Occasional Visitor

There are so many sessions that I wanted to attend but which overlapped others, or I was at the Expo and missed.  How long will the video of these remain available in the Ignite app?  Or will they be available on Channel 9 or YouTube?