Microsoft Ignite 2017 Keynote VIP Sweepstakes

Microsoft Ignite 2017 Keynote VIP Sweepstakes


Section 1. HOW TO ENTER

The keynote is one of the marquee moments and attendees arrive early to get the best seats.


We’re giving away 400 VIP seats to viewing the keynote front of stage at Microsoft Ignite 2017 in Orlando. Be in the running to skip the line by connecting your MyIgnite account to your Microsoft Tech Community account to earn the Microsoft Ignite 2017 Attendee badge on the Microsoft Tech Community. All attendees who earn the Microsoft 2017 Attendee badge in the Tech Community before September 20, 2017 will be entered to win a pass to the VIP viewing area in the keynote hall. We’ll draw 200 general attendees and 200 Microsoft MVPs. See below to learn how to get the badge and save your seat! For more information on this sweepstakes, please see our Official Rules.


AttendeeAward.PNGThe Microsoft Ignite Attendee 2017 badge




Step 1: Sign into https://myignite.microsoft.com and navigate to Your Profile page in the top right.

SweepstakesAttendeePro.pngGo to your Profile page in MyIgnite

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Connect Now” link.

SweepstakesAttendeeConnect.pngConnect your account.

Please note: If you are not currently signed in/registered you will be directed to a Microsoft login page and redirected to your MyIgnite profile page after signing in/registering.


Step 1: Click Discover Session -> Session Scheduler.

Step 2: Click into a session of your choice.

 SweepstakesAttendeeSch.pngFind a session in the Session Scheduler


Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the session and choose “Connect your tech community account to take part in the discussion”

SweepstakesAttendeeConnect2.pngClick Connect

 Please note: If you don’t see this option at the bottom of the session, you may need to pick a different session. Not all community discussions have been created yet. If you are not currently signed in/registered you will be directed to a Microsoft login page and redirected to your MyIgnite profile page after signing in/registering.


Winners will be contacted via the Microsoft Tech Community or by email with a special pass and a Winner Letter by Friday, September 22nd, 2017 with instructions on how to receive your VIP pass. Attendees without their Winner Letter/Pass may be denied entry to the VIP viewing area. Microsoft maintains the final decision to grant/deny access to this area. VIP Passes are not shareable or transferable.



Q: Where can I see if I received my badge?

A: Click your Profile in the top right of the Microsoft Tech Community and navigation to Achievements (see below). There may be a slight lag in awarding your badge. If you don’t see it here after a maximum of 20 minutes, please reach out to techcommunity@microsoft.com
AttendeeAward.PNGThe badge can be seen under your achievements on your Tech Community profile page.


Q: What if my MyIgnite account and Microsoft Tech Community accounts are different?

A: Use Method 2 and when prompted at the Microsoft login page choose “Use Another Account” (see below). Follow the prompts to sign in with your other account and they will connect.


SweepstakesAttendeeFAQ2.pngSwitch user at the Microsoft login page

Q: I am not registered for the Microsoft Tech Community. How do I connect my account?

A:  If you are not currently registered we suggest following METHOD 1. You will be directed to a Microsoft login page to register. Follow the steps and after you’ll be redirected to your MyIgnite profile page after signing in/registering.


Q: I am a current Microsoft MVP but I don’t have a MVP ‘green ring’ around my profile. How do I get one?

A: Please contact techcommunity@microsoft.com with your MVP ID or MVP profile via mvp.microsoft.com and a link to your Microsoft Tech Community profile.


Q: Who can enter?

A: Microsoft Ignite 2017 attendees aged 18 and older. Please see the Official Rules.

I’m still having problems. Can you help?

A: Yes, please contact techcommunity@microsoft.com


Method 2 worked and I got my badge! Looking forward to Ignite! 


9-11-2017 7.12.15 PM.png

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Got my badge! See all of you in Orlando!
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Irma can't stop the future baybee!


See you all there!!!


I had to use method 2. Got the badge 

method 2 here - badge earned!

Using Method 2 worked liked a charm.


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Method 2 worked, got my badge! So looking forward to Ignite this year!

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Used method 2 and it works! Good to go! See everyone in Orlando!

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Got it! Hope to win it now :)
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Method 2 worked! Got badge a little longer than 20 min. don't worry if you don't see it immediately! #hope2win

How do I get the microsoft Ignite Speaker Badge like you guys?

Method 2 worked... thx

Method 2 - I got by Badge

 Method 1 for me! Typing with my fingers crossed to be a VIP! Oh the selfies we will take! 

I look forward to assisting the Florida economy!

Heck yeah! BTW, if anyone needs to find a session to let them do this, I can personally report my shameless plug of a session to use!





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Worked like a charm! :-) see you all there!! :-) safe travels all!!! 

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Method 1 did the trick. See you at Ignite! :)


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 Got it, works like a charm.....hope to win.





Connected. Badged. Hopeful. 👍



See you all in Orlando ... VIP or not :-)

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badge earned! - yeah i did it ;-)



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bagde earned and waiting for the mail to have VIP access :-) CU in Orlando.

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That's a wrap folks. We'll email winners so be sure to check the account that is tied to your Tech Community profile! 



Tech Community Team

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yeah - great, can't wait for it ;-)

Many Thanks Michael, we will wait for the email !

Wating for the email! :)

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Thanks Michael! Waiting for the email. :-) 

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Anyone got the email? 😊

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Still waiting with fingers crossed for the email...