Join us for the Microsoft Ignite Attendee Celebration

How much fun can you pack into one evening? We’ll be answering that question at this year’s Microsoft Ignite Attendee Celebration—where you’ll have unlimited access to two Universal Orlando Resort™ theme parks!


From the moment the event kicks off at 7:30PM on Thursday, September 27 until we close at midnight, every experience in Universal Studios Florida™ and Universal’s Islands of Adventure™ is yours for the taking. Thrill seekers can test their adrenaline tolerance on rides like The Incredible Hulk Coaster®, Hollywood Rip Ride RockitTM or Revenge of the MummyTM. Super fans can fill their social media streams with selfies taken alongside their favorite characters. And movie buffs can go beyond the screen to save the earth from aliens, battle an ancient mummy, or fight alongside intergalactic robots.


If good music and company are more your style, both parks feature an interactive DJ and video wall, as well as gathering spaces for those looking to connect, network, or just chill a little. Unlimited food and drink means you can try it all—from food trucks to sidewalk bars to themed dining venues.


Ready to party with us at Universal Studios Florida™ and Universal’s Islands of Adventure™? We have a few tips to ensure you’re prepped for maximum enjoyment.

  • Wear your name badge. It will score you unlimited free drinks of your choice.
  • Pack light. For safety reasons, some rides require you to completely unload your pockets.
  • Bring a valid photo ID. You must be 21+ to attend. No exceptions, sorry!
  • Leave your backpack behind. Backpacks aren’t allowed, and all other bags will be subject to a security check. See the Conditions of Entry page to verify what is and isn’t allowed. 

Can’t wait to see you in Orlando!


The Microsoft Ignite Team






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I was hoping this would be the case again this year. Can't wait for my first Ignite!

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Also note that the “unlimited drinks” include only one alcoholic beverage. So no free beer as per usual?
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I assume they mean one drink at a time rather than grabbing an armful at once. But I could be wrong.

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@Jakob Daugaard @Shane Werlinger I'm pretty certain it means you can't grab more than one drink at a time but will circle back to confirm. 

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@Anna Chu, what hours will the event run?

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@John Rennemeyer    Last year it ran from 7:30 to midnight

I have no problem with a change from last year's beer-table-every-six-feet.  But ONE per person? Hmmm....

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I can confirm that it’s one drink per time at the bar. The bartender will not provide multiple drinks to an individual for other people.


Super Excited for my first IGNITE conference!! I am assuming this celebration is going to be on Thursday or is it Friday night? 

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@Preeti Rana Yes, the party will be Thursday night. Based on experience from previous years the conference will end around lunch on Friday.

I'm exited too! This will be my 5th Microsoft conference.  I'm sure you will have a great time :-)

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Actually, as a 5 year Ignite veteran, could this not show a lack of imagination?  The same park 2 years running?

Surely in a place the size of Orlando there is a place, an idea, something different and not just the same but expanded as the previous year for a celebration.

Don't get me wrong it was a great night with the food and drink and access to all the rides and knowing everyone....


Just a thought.


@Steve Dalby Come on man. Short of spending even more $$ for a similar event at Disney I don't know what better party there could be. This one is way way better than the parties at previous conferences I attended (SP2014, Ignites).

@Kevin Crossman +1 on the buzz kill.


@Anna Chu, any word on date/day? I don't see it in the announcement and I'm not enough of an Ignite vet to know which day is the "normal" celebration day.

@Matt Wade it is going to be Thursday.


@Julian Revheim Askeland Thank you for confirming! Also, given this is my first MS conference, I was wondering if there are any resources for tips to provide any guidance in general and to help make the most out of it.  :) 

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@Preeti Rana Our Community Reporters have given their tips for first-time attendees in their intros - read the blog post here and click through to the links for each of our 10 reporters: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Ignite-Blog/Announcing-your-Microsoft-Ignite-Commun...


As a Microsoftie, I would highly recommend saving your voice throughout the week, you will be doing a lot of talking :)

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The party last year was pretty awesome at Universal! The party ran from 7:30-12:30 and it was HOT! I don't see why MSFT would do this at say Disney Universal is more adult park. Plus most of the hotels are Universal Hotels and it is right down the road from the convention center. Can Not Wait!!!!
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I for one am really happy its universal again.. If it was Disney, there wouldnt be any beer! And universal is awesome. Doesnt mention food though, last year food was included too.
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Is this event included in the price ?
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Yes, but it's only with the Full conference pass.

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For those that went last year, were all rides open, including the Hogwarts Train?  I bought a companion pass this year for my +1 for the first time, are they wrist bands?



Yes, all rides are open (any that would otherwise be operating -- rides that are down for refurb for the general public obviously don't get opened for the party). Including the Hogwarts Express.

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Thank you @Kevin Crossman for the quick reply!


First timer to the Orange County Convention Center. Is it bigger than the GWCC in Atlanta?  Trying to figure out my expectations for scheduling this year.


Also the community link given by @Anna Chu doesn't work.

@Darius Nagal Similar size as Atlanta. Lots of walking between the conference sessions and the expo hall most in particular. But you probably won't miss out on sessions due to the walk between them.


Here is the correct link for the Community Reporters blog post


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Sorry @Darius Nagal I fixed it.

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Any word on "+1" guests for the celebration? I know in previous years there has been an option to include a guest pass for purchase. Will that be an option this year and, if so, can the pass be purchased ahead of time or do we have to wait until Ignite begins? Thanks. 

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The guest pass has been sold out for a while. If anyone happened to snag one they no longer need I'll be happy to take it off your hands for face value. Girlfriend will be in town with me, and I'd rather not leave her at the hotel while I go out and have fun all night. 

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Sold out? Where did you get that information? Very inconvenient if true, for multiple reasons. And I never saw an option in my registration (which I did months ago) to buy a guest pass.

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If you log into the registration portal and edit your registration, you'll see the guest pass as sold out. It sold out VERY fast as I registered months ago and never even had a chance to get one. I also emailed the registration team and they confirmed it's sold out with no option to purchase. 

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I'm looking for a Companion pass if anyone has one to sell. :)

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Seconding that. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm not sure why someone would purchase a "Mystery Box" ticket without knowing where the venue is or why Microsoft would even allow it without announcing the venue first. Incredibly bad form and a legitimate inconvenience for those of us who will be traveling with non-attendee companions. 

I really wish MS would stop offering the guest pass for the attendee party. It's honestly not such an amazing experience that I think getting a spouse to attend would be worth the money and other logistical hassles. Especially when they only sell dozens and not thousands of them.

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Anyone with an unneeded Guest Pass, please let me know. My wife will be in town with me, and I'd prefer not to go to Universal with my +1. Thanks in advance!

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Same here! If there are any unneeded companion passes, I would be happy to purchase it for my wife. Thank you!

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I'm looking for a companion pass too.. if anyone has one :-)

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I am also looking for a Companion Pass if anyone has one they want to get rid of :-)




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Companion passes aren't going to come available very often. Last year we just asked vendors who were leaving Thursday afternoon for their badges.

We had not issue getting the 4 badges we needed to get our wife's into the Closing Celebration.

Hope this helps.

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Will universal be available to both day pass and full week pass holders?

@Ava Sheard



The only people getting into the parks during the celebration are badged people associated with Ignite. Same day ticket holders or annual passholders will not be admitted and the parks will be closed before the party to clear those guests.

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 I’m pretty sure it’s closed event only for Microsoft   

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Thank you for the responses, I meant can you get in to the universal studios night with a microsoft ignite day passes instead of the whole week ignite pass.

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Will there be any transportation provided?
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@Javier Sosa  if I had to guess there was more than 100 buses. Multiple buses and plenty of locations to get the buses. THey will have all that information for you there. 

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To answer some questions!: 1. Food is included all you can eat throughout the park 2. Drinks are included throughout the park (alcohol is unlimited but one person can only get one drink at a time) 3. The same transportation used to get you to the conference is used to get to Universal 4. If you are staying at a universal Hotel property use that transportation instead! Much less volume. 5. Be prepared there will be lines especially in Hogwarts and yes both sides are open. Also Hogwarts village gets insane packed, it is narrow area be ready to press bodies. FYI the Hogwarts express is a cool experience but not worth the ridiculous wait times like last year. 6. Note: The park is operating 50% so there are some things that won't be open or running but most of the major attractions were open. 7. PREPARE to SWEAT! 8. PREPARE TO HAVE A BLAST! You will mingle with Microsoft employees and network with them over a beer! My team and I sat and talked for like an hour with the Azure AD lead engineers!