This year at Microsoft Ignite, we're excited to have 10 MVPs serving as Community Reporters. Leading up to Orlando, they'll be sharing tips and tricks for navigating Microsoft Ignite, what to pack, and a look at their session schedules. During Microsoft Ignite, the Community Reporters will be your go-to's for live event updates. If you aren't attending the conference this year, these reporters will be a great way to see what's happening on-the-ground in Orlando. Check out their introductions and follow them on social to stay up-to-date on all things Microsoft Ignite!


Alistair Pugin

Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Christian Buckley

Darrell Webster

Dux Raymond Sy

Harjit Dhaliwal

Laura Rogers

Magnus Mårtensson 

Susan Hanley

Tom Arbuthnot


Are there other people you would recommend others follow to get the latest on what's happening at Microsoft Ignite? Leave their name, Twitter handle, blog or other channel and let us know why we should follow them!

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What a great line up!  Really looking forward to the coverage, can't wait. 


At Office 365 Ninjas we are going to cover as much of Microsoft Ignite as possible, without actually being there and bring together as many Office 365 resources, guides, roadmaps etc. as we can lay our hands on! Join us if that's of interest at https://twitter.com/Office365Ninjas.


P.S. If Magnus's link doesn't work, try this one instead.

I'm excited to be a part of this community reporter team! I have a decade of experience attending Ignite, TechEd, SPC, Inspire/WPC, and even TechReady (as a MS employee), and am looking forward to sharing insights and adventures from Orlando next month! 


If you are part of a team exhibiting, @Susan Hanley and I will be capturing a couple segments before and during the event where we'll be highlighting some of the cool vendor swag in the expo hall. If you would like to be included AND you have some noteworthy swag planned, please reach out to us!

Follow all the reporters here: https://twitter.com/noopman/lists/msignitelive/ Thanks for having us! <3

We are all super excited to be part of this. @Darrell Webster and I will be live streaming all our conversations, interviews, panel postmortems, etc throughout the week. Head over to https://regarding365.com/ to keep up to date with the goings on. More info coming soon!!

CONGRATS! Looking forward to see you all in Orlando next month.

Howdy everyone, So excited for Ignite and looking forward to follow all reporters.


I usually report what is happening in Ms Ignite and TechED since years. I have my own tips of this Ignite here also:  https://me.ahasayen.com/category/microsoft-ignite/


This year, I will be traveling with my collegues and we will do quick updates from the registration area Sunday morning, swag stations, keynote tips and updates, and other exciting news:)


Here is my contact details:

Twitter @ammarhasayen 

Blog: https://Blog.ahasayne.com 

Ignite Tips:  https://me.ahasayen.com/category/microsoft-ignite/


Hope to see you all there !!

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Congrats all, really looking forward to catching up!!

This is a great idea, Ignite Team. You have put together an inquisitive team of reporters. Looking forward to their "in the trenches" reports. 

Naawww! That is too kind! Thank you very much for the vote of confidence!

My thoughts on being part of the Community Reporter team-squad-group :-P


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YEAH! Looking forward to see you all in Orlando in a bit ;-)