Follow Microsoft Ignite through our Community Reporters


The Microsoft Ignite Schedule Builder went live on August 15, and there are hundreds of deep dives and informative sessions to pick from. Last week, we introduced our Community Reporters — and now they’ve shared their tentative schedules with us. Take a look to see if you might bump into one of them in Orlando, or to follow their reporting if you can’t make it this year:


Alistair Pugin — Alistair’s Schedule

Cathrine Wilhelmsen — Cathrine’s Schedule

Christian Buckley — Christian’s Schedule

Darrell Webster — Darrell’s Schedule

Dux Raymond Sy — Dux’s Schedule

Harjit Dhaliwal — Harjit’s Schedule

Laura Rogers — Laura’s Schedule

Magnus Mårtensson — Magnus’ Schedule

Susan Hanley — Sue’s Schedule

Tom Arbuthnot — Tom’s Schedule


Do you have comments or suggestions? Is someone missing out on an awesome session? Share your thoughts below or let them know if you’re planning to be in the same sessions!

Trusted Contributor

Wow, so many great sessions!  For those of us that can't be there, it's going to be so useful to have the community reporters keeping us all posted.

Maybe list the product groups they are covering behind the reporters. 👍

Occasional Contributor

So will they be blogging?  Posting on forums?  Posting videos like some of the previous reportage done by Joey Snow and the Rickster?  Please, not another trickle of tweets, let there be something with substance.


Or are their reportorial contributions framed in the sessions they will present?

New Contributor

Does anyone know what the name of the DJ was that was doing the music before and after Keynote? I couldn't catch his name. Also, he mentioned something about posting his playlist somewhere? Thanks!