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Office Graph - the intelligent fabric to Office 365 data

The Office Graph represents a collection of content and activity, and the relationships between them that happen across the entire Office suite. From email, social conversations, and meetings, to do

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Does advanced threat analytics feed information into Graph?

I'm not sure about that Tony, MS Graph and Office Graph is two very different teams (Seattle vs Oslo) and two very different technologies (proxy vs search). As I said MS ... Read More
@Tony - The Microsoft Graph and the Office Graph are different things. The Office Graph is the "search on steroids" as used in Delve for instance, whereas the Microsoft G... Read More

Well, it's the Microsoft Graph now. It was renamed at the Build conference in November 2015...

Microsoft Graph API enables you to automate workflows, access data, and integrate your applications using a single endpoint for Intune, Azure Active Directory, and Office 365. Microsoft Graph API gives you access to Intune data such as configuration profi

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At Build 2017 we announced added capabilities in the Microsoft Graph to build intelligent business processes and apps! 




Learn more on the blog

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Is there any way to programatically change the Delve, Feature Settings, such as Show Documents, MyAnalytics, EmailDigest?

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Are we able to set fetaure settings for delve programmatically (CSOM/PowerShell)?

PowerShell would be nice...

as far as i know not but maybe it can be done in the future..

Apps4.Pro Planner was announced as winner for 'Best use of Microsoft Graph' in Devpost Hack Productivity Hackathon. It just swept 3 out of 7 awards. I am really happy to share this best moment with you all. https://devpost.com/software/apps4-pro








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We are using Office 365 group conversations in our web application. We read/write the conversation threads and the messages in these threads using the Microsoft Graph API. In the Outlook Online experience, users can like messages in Groups. In the Microso

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Looking at the Microsoft Graph here it states:


You can use Microsoft Graph to allow web and mobile applications to read and modify Excel workbooks stored in OneDrive, SharePoint, or other supported storage platforms.


However, there are no examples at all

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The Office Graph computes insights across Office 365 and makes these insights available through the Microsoft Graph, the single endpoint that you can use to access a number of Microsoft's cloud technologies.


A simplified view of the Search aspect of Office Graph and Delve, the main experience it powersA simplified view of the Search aspect of Off

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In its previous version, Graph explorer had a limited set of capabilities that didn’t allow developers to fully discover and leverage all that Microsoft Graph has to offer. Today we are happy to announce lots of cool functionality that we enabled during

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