Individual Response on Forms to be viewable to Approver

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Hi! Currently our company would like to have a particular form filled up which will be send to a manager for approval, this manager may be changed from form to form (not static). 


My current flow would be fill up the form on forms, populate the data into sharepoint and manually input manager name for approval. However, I do not wish to have all the fields from the form into sharepoint columns as that would look really messy. I would like an option to either email the forms response along with the approval request or a separate window in sharepoint where the manager can view the response before approval. I can't seem to find a solution for this.


Any advise / ideas would be greatly appreciated


Thank you in advance!


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Hi there


Try using Start and wait for approval under Approvals in the actions list.


Here's an example (includes formatting options using #):




Then you must have a condition that picks up if the request is approved or rejected.




So if it's approved, send an email, add to SharePoint, etc.


If it's rejected, you can send an email saying denied, etc.


See how you go with this?


Best wishes