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Caroline Bjellekjær Matthiassen
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It would be great if you could choose a notification setting. Eg. send a notification(email) for each answer or send a notification after 20 (or any given number) answers have been given.
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Have you looked into Microsoft flows?
Good thought but unfortunately it does not support forms.
Adding notification feature is currently in our backlog. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your feature request with us.

Hi, receiving automatic email notifications and confirmations has been highlighted among our users as an important feature to be added, and being able to create the text that would go in that confirmation email.


For example, our events team are using Forms to get details of people volunteering to help at an event, and they're concerned that as there will be frequent reminders sent about this over a month-long period, that people will forget they've filled it in and do it more than once. Whereas if they get the email confirmation that they've done it they have that as a reminder.


Also, if Forms were to be used as an online application form, for example, then the applicant would expect an email confirmation so they know for certain that it was submitted correctly.

An ETA on this would be great, right now I am forced to use GAFE/G-Suite.

I am waiting to roll out Office 365 forms in my organisation, this product will help a lot of staff with self creation of forms. This notification of a response email is an essential feature, when can we expect it to be available? 

Hi Frank - Notification feature is in our to-do list. We are currently trying to understand all the end user scenario for notification feature. Would love to understand your scenarios in more details, please message me your email id and i will schedule a skype call to understand your forms quiz/survey scenarios and to capture your all feature ASKs.

Hi, many thanks for responding and offering to contact me, I have messaged you my details, hopefully speak to you soon, Frank

this is exactly the functionality I need - which is what GDocs are supplying at the moment:


"Google Docs can also send you instant email notifications as soon as people fill and submit your online form. Here’s how:

Create a new form in Google Docs, if you haven’t done that yet, add the necessary fields to the form and save your changes. Now go back to Google Docs and open the spreadsheet corresponding to that particular form.

Choose Tools – > Notification Rules and select the option that says Notify me when “a user submits a form.” You can also set how frequently you would like to be notified – if you have created a “Contact Me” form, the “email right away” may be a good choice but for mass polls and surveys, you may use the daily digest feature."

This is exactly what we are looking for too.  Is there an ETA when this will be available.  We recently migrated to Office 365 and our offices are requesting the feature now.  Thanks, joe

I can't wait for notifications!!!! It would really make Forms an mazing tool for all of our students and staff, keep up the good work!

Email notifications would be an awesome feature for us in Higher Ed! One example use case: a form could be embedded in an LMS course to let students easily ask a question privately to the instructor. However, this won't work if the instructor has to remember to check the form frequently. Even just a simple on/off toggle for notifications and a choice of a notification for every entry vs. a daily digest would work wonders.

Another voice for notifications on forms.

Hi @Ben Kahn.

Am interested in the scenario you mentioned i.e. using Microsoft Forms to ask a question privately to the instructor.

What about using other 'conversation/chat' tools for that?  e.g. Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Classroom (soon to be integrated into Teams).  


Hi Gilbert, 

Certainly, Teams could work but a form is a much simpler and obvious solution to allow a learner to submit a question to an instructor from within the LMS. Our college already has an LMS in place that is the focus of teacher/student interaction. Most faculty and students will not want to layer on the additional complexity of adding an entirely new workspace (Teams) over the LMS.

I'm going to add my vote for this feature. It would be very helfpul for staff at my organization. 



Just wondered on the status of this addition?


Trying to reproduce a form that is an alternative to GDocs but without the notification alert being sent to the creator, we are going to have to continually refresh. Which isn't ideal during a busy work day.



First, since compliments are rare in this arena, I love what I see in Microsoft Forms so far; vastly superior to Excel Surveys and SharePoint 2013's Surveys, so great job!


Second, I'll add my voice to the list of those that see a need for notifications. As amazing as this tool is, the lack of of notification features pretty much ends any serious proposal for its use in my organization. Eager for the day that this is included!

MS Flow now supports Forms which will allow you to  create a Flow to send a notification messsage., see


Thanks Dean. This looks quite useful. I still hope that the Forms team decidea to build email notifications in, but will investigate using a Flow trigger in the meantime.

You are welcome. From what I can tell, many of the applications are going to provide integration points with Flow which give us the ability to create the specific type of notifications we need. While this is more work for us, it will give us more control and options. 

This is great, does everything I need it to, and I like that I can customise the notifications with relevant dynamic content. Instantly makes Microsoft Forms a much more usable thing!


Also, the Forms for Excel feature is even better. Having form submissions automatically update a shared Excel file means we'll actually be able to use it for logging jobs to our team, which will make a massive difference.

FWIW, our primary scenario is to provide a structured info capture tool to replace free-form input we would have to receive in an email.  This is a frequent use case for how requests are made between departments.  


As a potential solution the option to add to the form a static user, or distro list, indicating the notification recipient would be sufficient, provided that this email was sent at the time form submittal.  


Alternately, if we could fire a Flow based on creation of a new form response, we could manage it from there.  Flow would actually be more flexible, but either would work for our needs.  



... and I just now saw the July 26th post about Flow support. This should satisfy our use case.
Thanks much!

This feature is now available for me. I haven't seen any official announcements or release notes but it is there. Funny that it appeared so soon after the Flow integration. The abilitiy to check a box for email notifications is much more straightforward. I'm in an edu tenant on First Release, so it may show up for others a bit later, but it is coming...




I can confirm I also have the 'Settings | Options for responses | Email notification of each response' setting for Forms now, just tested it and the email notification worked. This is a great addition as it keeps 'Forms' simple to use for end users. 'Flow' is fantastic and it works great with 'Forms' so I will personally use that approach but this notification within 'Forms' cuts down on training requirements. Thanks to Microsoft for getting this implemented!  

It does support forms. Go to FLOW & search "Microsoft Forms". I'm currently using one to notify me when a quiz is completed.

Have you been able to display form responses within the e-mail notifications?

@Naftoli Jacobs, while I'm not sure the out-of-the-box notifications option within Forms allows responses to go through the message, the options you can use in Flow for Forms would allow you to drop responses in to an email to be sent upon a submission.

Thanks @Matt Coats
I tried the notifications with flow, and here are the two issues I've run into so far:

  1. It took an hour to receive the notification
  2. I could not figure out how to add the form responses.


Are there any guides on setting the flow to work as soon as a response is received and how to drop the responses?


It would be very helpful if the results of the form, the entries, were sent to the individual filling out the forn.  For example, they enter their info on the form, click submt, then they get a verification with their entries on the form as back up. 

I spotted this. Used to have a Flow set up for a quiz I ceated. When I built the Flow it only had 2 activities, the first for Forms to define the actual form/quiz I wanted a notification for, via a drop down that listed all forms I had. The second, my email address, to identify which account to send the Notification to.


Went to rebuild the Flow the other day (new quiz) but there's no longer a dropdown option to selet the form and the Flow fails!

A year later and still no update for this feature. :( 

Hi Richard, don't give up hope yet.  I wanted to make sure you saw the responses above, to see if that satisfies your need.  It seems that there's both a Flow action that can trigger external notifications, and others have reported also seeing a checkbox available to email a notification.  


Do one of those do it for you, or are you thinking of another use case?


Office 365 Education Presentation Deck.pngThere’s now a feature in the settings of each form to allow for email notification on responses: 

Oh cool, I didn't see that, I will have to look for it. 


However, looking for a solution has introduced me to Microsoft Flow, which is a pretty intense solution. 


I suggest if you're a member of the IT community, to check out Microsoft Flow. 

I am still looking at how to email multiple people, beyond the creator of the form.

You'll need to hard-code recipients in Flow for that.

I believe I did that but unfortunately the Email wasn't sent. Not sure where my error is. I took a screen shot of how my flow is set. Thank you for such a quick response

Try adding the email step outside of the loop. Also check that the importance of the email isn't set to Low, that might be hiding it in your Inbox.


Is there an error message Flow is throwing, or just no email?

No error message. Just no email at all. I'm not sure what you mean by "outside the loop". 

See how your email action is inside the "Apply to Each" box? Add your email action below that (don't remove the one you have now, though).


It's unusual that you're not getting any error messages in Flow. Is Flow telling you that the workflow has been triggered at all?

Ok, I have attached another screenshot for what I did. Does this look correct? and, when I save the flow I don't get any type of error. Says it is good to go

I have tried to scan through...was there ever a resolution to how to get an email confirmation sent to the person who completes a form?

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