Better Quizzing with forms

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Just been writing an assessment using forms, and its frustrating that the only option for a quiz is a multi choice. It would be great if I could assign correct answers to written responses. Also other options like matching and fill in the blanks. Schoology's quiz feature is great- you could say 'why don't you go ahead and use Schoology then?' Right, but my school is an Office 365 school and don't want me to use Schoology! Educationally, quizzing is one of the most powerful pedagogical tools- it makes sense for Microsoft to have a first rate quizzing tool in their education package- one with a variety of question types, ability to auto mark, gather data on achievement etc. I hope this is being developed- forms is a start.

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Thanks for taking the time and sharing your feature ASK with us. Manual grading quizzing scenario is our backlog.

Looks like this has been done. Great!



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