If you’re the global administrator of an organization, you’re probably familiar with digital property sitting in the account of an employee that has left your company and/or whose account has been disabled. To prevent digital property loss, you can now gain access to the forms of that former employee or from a disabled account.



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To transfer ownership of a form, administrators can access the user’s portal via a specialized URL. After that you can move any forms to your own or another group’s portal via the existing Move feature. Learn more about how to transfer ownership of a form.



Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: I’m a colleague or manager of a former employee. Can I transfer ownership of my former colleague’s form?

A: No. Please reach out to your company’s global administrator to transfer ownership.


Q: An employee left the company a few months ago. Can I still transfer ownership?

A: Due to GDPR regulations, data is only stored for up to 30 days after an employee leaves an organization. After 30 days, his or her data is permanently deleted. Please ensure you move ownership of a form within 30 days of an employee’s departure.


Q: How can we prevent form data loss from a former employee?

A: Before an employee departs, ask him or her to transfer the ownership of their forms to a group. This guarantees the forms data goes to the most relevant new group owner.

Keep in mind that a form can only have one owner at a time, so ownership transfer to a group ensures that form data will be preserved as long as the group exists.






Is this also possible with Sways?


data is only stored for up to 30 days after an employee leaves an organization

What defines "leaves an organization"? After the account has been disabled or deleted in AD?


Hi @Tobias Asböck, that's right that if an account is disabled or deleted in AD, the admin can move the account's form's ownership to prevent data loss. 


@Si Meng this would be more useful to me as an admin if I could change ownership for a form for an employee that is still active.  

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Hope they enable a PowerShell cmdlet for this to transfer it. That way we can automate the process.

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This is really good news! But the article states "administrators can access the user’s portal via a specialized URL." What specialized URL? How do you get that? Thanks.

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So the Admin can gain access to the forms but they can only be transferred to a group? We may not want an entire group to be able to modify a form... why can't the forms be transferred to another specific user to manage?


@David Ferber transferring to another specific user to manage is indeed in our backlog. Sorry that it's not currently available yet. 


@Lucinda Lunstrum you can find the specialized link in the help document, please note this will only work for global admin.



https://forms.office.com/Pages/delegatepage.aspx?originalowner=[email address]

Note: email address = Email address of the form owner that has left your organization and/or whose account has been disabled.


@Alexander Broere thank you for the feedback. It's not currently in the backlog yet, but we'll keep note of this suggestion. Thanks.


@Eric Davis thank you for the feedback. Due to data privacy reason, this is not currently supported. Is it possible to ask the active employee to move the form his/her self? May I understand more background about this ask?

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Can we move for transfer ownership with existing employees? Or can existing employees transfer ownership to another person? I run into this a lot when asked to attach a Flow to a Form. I must copy the Form so I become the "owner/creator" and then I can attach Flow. I'm not able to attach Flow to Forms created from Teams/O365 Group so I worry/wonder if a Form is Moved to an O365 Group, will that break any backend Flow?

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How can we move a form from the current Group to a different Group?