With Microsoft Form’s new ownership transfer feature, you can now move a form you’ve created to Group forms so that all members of your group also become “owners” and have full editing capabilities. Your newly transferred form will also inherit all the features of a group form, such as its responses stored in the SharePoint site of the group, the ability to share the form in your group’s Team channel, etc.


To transfer ownership of a form and share it with a group, go to My forms and click on More form actions (…) on the top right corner of your form. Select “Move”, and then select the group you want to transfer to, then confirm the move.


Ownership transfer MVP1.gif



After the transfer completes, the moved form is still active, and you can click Open in Excel in the Responses tab of your form and review your responses.



I can transfer ownership of a form to one of my groups. Can I perform the reverse and transfer ownership of a group form to myself?

The ownership of a form can be transferred from an individual to a group, but not the other way around.


Can I transfer a form that is shared with me to a group I belong to?

You can only transfer ownership of a form to a group you belong to if you’re the original owner of that form. You may not transfer the ownership of form that is shared with you.


I transferred the ownership of my form to a group and want to download responses to an Excel file. How do I do this?

When you click on “Open in Excel” in the Responses tab, a workbook with your responses will open in Excel Online. You can also find this Excel workbook in the Document folder of your group’s SharePoint site.


Where is the Excel workbook with my responses stored and can I move it?

The Excel workbook with responses is stored in the Document folder of your group’s SharePoint site. We recommend you don’t move it as new responses coming in won’t be recorded within that workbook.



Excellent, Thank you for the Move feature :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:



>You can also find this Excel workbook in the Document folder of your group’s SharePoint site.

This should say the "Documents library" not "Document folder". Folks from Microsoft should use the correct terms.

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I transferred ownership to a distribution group instead of an actual user, or maybe to a team. How do I do the move? 


Hi @Stephanie Davis, please check out the page in help document on how you can the move. Thanks!





Great feature! Would it be possible to Transfer an individual's Form to Group AFTER the individual left the company? Typical scenario is that Business Users build forms and send it to their teams. Often, these users build individual forms, not Group forms. When this user leaves company and their O 365 account is shut down, there is no way to recover the Form. 

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How do we move a Form from one Group to another Group?

@humtech it doesn't look like that's possible right now.


@kiran bellala thanks for the question. What you described is an admin feature that is being worked on. Please stay tuned.

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It would be incredibly helpful to be able to copy forms from one group to another. I used to have an individual form that I would make a copy of for each project where it's needed, then transfer the copied form to the relevant project group, then when this feature was released I moved my master copy of the form into a group, and now I can't make new copies for each project anymore as new copies of the form are all created in the same group that the original form is in.


Looks like this function has been removed? When I click on the three dots I have "Copy" and "Trash" but no "Move".


Hi @mfrench  thanks for your comment. This function shouldn't be removed. Could you please share your information with the group (FormsTriage@microsoft.com)? Our engineer team can take a look. 


@ Si Meng. Thanks for the response. Tried to e-mail them but got this bounceback error: "The groups only accept messages from people in their organization or on their allowed senders list, and your email address isn't on the lists."

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When I click the Move button, the list of groups isn't complete, even after clicking the "More" link.  I am the original owner of the form and the owner of the Office 365 Group that I am wanting to move the form to, but the group doesn't show up in the list.



I found one difference between the group I wanted to transfer the form to, and the groups listed when I try to actually move the form.  For the other groups, I was listed as both an Owner and a Member of the group.   For the group I wanted to move the form to, I was only listed as an Owner.


So I added myself as a Member to the group in addition to my role as the group owner and after a few minutes the group did show up and I was able to move the ownership of the Form. 

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Is there any way to reverse a move to a group? What happens if I move a form to the wrong group?

Pretty sure that move is a) a one-way transfer (from personal to group) and b) it's final resting place, because you can't move from one group to another.


Hi @mfrench, sorry about that. Please feel free to send the email to me instead (simeng@microsoft.com), I'll forward it to the distribution list. 


Hi @Deleted, thanks for reaching out. For now the move is one direction from person to group, like @Kevin Crossman mentioned. We're aware of the issues as you stated, and it's in our backlog to improve the experience. 


@Si Meng Just checked and now I have the "Move" function. Weird. But all good now, I guess.

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I have recently moved a form to a group. Now when someone responds it seems that no email notification is taking place, even though the box is still ticked do so.

I would have assumed that everyone in the group would have started getting an email response now it belonged to the group?

But as it appears, no one at all is getting an email to notify.

It's also not sending an email to the group - no notification is sent at all from what I can see. 

Is anyone able to help with this please?


@PaulaJ11  If you set up an alert in your SharePoint doc library, where the Excel file gets saved/updated when people submit their group forms, you can kind of work around this. I too have seen that email alerts for Group Forms is flakey.


Hi @PaulaJ11 , thank you for the question. In order for the group to receive the notification, the setting at the group level to enable the group to receive any email is also needed (in addition to the notification setting in the form).

One way to enable that is in outlook, in group setting, enable the setting called "Let people outside the organization email the group." Please see the screenshot below.


group setting.PNG


Thank you again for the question. We will make sure the UI and documentation is updated to reflect this for convenience of future users. 


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Hi @Si Meng 

Thanks so much for getting back to me, I have now made that change within the group but no notification is being sent out/received.

Any further advice please? Really keen to get this working :) 

Thank you,



@PaulaJ11 I'm sorry about your experience. I'd like to involve our engineer team to look into this. Could you please send the information (link of response page, screenshot of the setting) to simeng@microsoft.com? Thanks!

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Hi @Si Meng I've just sent an email over now. Thank you for your assistance with this :)

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Can a form be transferred from group to group?


Hi @Si Meng - any plans to make it possible to transfer personal forms created to be used within Communication sites (not associated with Groups)?   


Any plans to provide a possibility to get information for Forms via command line, like via MSGraph? A way to get Forms for specific users and to move the Forms via command line? My opinion is moving a Form via a browser interface is nice for single forms. But if you have to integrate the check into a (automated) company leaver process the browser option is not a practicable way. 

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I moved a form from my personal forms to a Group and now we cannot access responses via the "Open in Excel" option.  How can we get the detailed data out?  When we try to open we get an error that says "sync failed and a new workbook with all responses couldn't be created.  Please try again."  Every member of the group tried and gets the same results.  I tried changing the end of the address from "false" to "true" as recommended in a different thread" but it doesn't work for us.

@bbrickey - the Excel file should be stored in the root of the doc library in the SharePoint site associated with the O365 Group. Check there. You may need to escalate to your MS Support contacts. We had an issue a couple months ago with Forms and support was (eventually) able to recover some important data.
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But what about Flow? I found that I'm not able to add Flow to any Forms created from Teams and attached to a Group. So when a user creates a Form and asks for help with Flow. I must copy the Form so I'm now the "owner/originator" so I can simply add a Flow for them ... So if a Form is Moved to a Group will that break any backend Flow?

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1) This doesnt seem to be an option in Forms Pro.  How do I transfer a Forms Pro Survey?


2) I see above you provided instructions for someone to have the email notifications go to the group.  Can it be set up/controlled to go to only those in the group who wish? Ie: they can each select or not, to receive notifications? Or can you just have one person get them? etc


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It would be nice if we had the option to move the results folder to a different location.  Even though it is a Group Form we don't necessarily want the entire group to access the data.


Also, please add group to group transfer.

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Does this also work in Forms Pro?  I have 3 forms in Forms Pro that do NOT have the Move feature.  I have 2 forms in Microsoft Forms that I can Move...  I need to allow ownership of these forms to others in my organization.  I have sent the Collaborate links but they are not able to see the forms in their Shared With Me...

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I have the same problem.  I have a forms pro survey created in My Forms but there is not MOVE option.  I have a draft form created in Form and it has the MOVE option.  I need to move the Forms Pro survey to a team.  Some comfort in knowing its not just me.  Have tried all of the trouble shooting steps that I can find with no success.

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Few Questions : 

We have a form which now is used within a MSFlow to collect the data and push to SharePoint. we need to know 

1. What happens to the Form after the creator of the Form leaves the company.

2. What is the best way to transfer the ownership of the Forms to another user without affecting the existing connection in the MS Flow.

3. Will moving the Form to the group solves the issue? Will it not break the association within the Flow where it is referenced already?

4. Is there any other easy way to just transfer the ownership?