Microsoft Bookings now has multi-day bookings and customizable time increments

We love reading your feedback in User Voice. It gives us insight into what we need to do to make Bookings better and helps us prioritize our work.  Today we’re introducing two highly-requested features to Bookings related to flexibility and customization.  


Support for all-day and multi-day services

There are many businesses that provide all-day and even multi-day services—things like complex projects, lodging, tours, and extended excursions.  With this new feature you can now using Bookings to let your customers book you for these types of events.


To set up all-day and multi-day services, click the “Services” link in the left side of the Bookings web page.  Create or edit a service and look for the “Default duration” label on the relevant Service details page. You will see a “Days” option - just select the number of days your service requires and click Save.


All day image 1.1.PNG


Default duration on the Services tab


Customizable time increments

Every business is unique. That’s why we provide customizable options for your Bookings page to make sure the booking process meets the specific needs of your business. We recently added more granular and customizable booking time increments. This gives you full control over exactly when your appointments are available, for situations when the standard set of booking time increment options we previously offered doesn’t meet your needs.


To customize bookable time increments, first, click the “Booking page” link in the left navigation bar of the Bookings Web app. Then, click on the drop-down arrow next to “Time increments” in the Scheduling policy section of the page. You’ll see that we added several new choices to our list. Scroll all the way down to see the “Custom (in minutes)” option and click on it. You will see an additional text box where you can enter the number minutes you want your appointments’ time increment to be.


All day image 1.2.PNG

 Customize time increments for your services


Using these new features, your booking page could look something like the one below. Notice that there is one service (Kitchen basics) which lasts 2 days but for regular 1-hour services, the time slots are in increments of 10 minutes.


All day image 1.4.PNG Booking page with new features showing


Keep in mind that when using the all-day and multi-day feature, the Office 365 calendar availability for your staff members does not work like it does for shorter services. We assume that you want your customers to be able to book you for valuable, longer-term services even if key staff have short, personal conflicts on a day that a customer needs you. This means that staff members can be booked for that service even if they are busy with short, personal appointments.


We'll start rolling out these new features in the next week and we hope they help you deliver a better online booking experience to your customers and make Bookings a more powerful scheduling solution for your business.


We want to keep hearing from you so please, let us know what you think in UserVoice.






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These changes are awesome! Thanks for listening!
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Fantastic! When specifically, is this rolling out?

Hi Juliet - These features are already rolling out but it can take a few weeks to reach every user.


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Hi I have just starting using this and it works well.  When a client changes a booking day/time then the change is automatic, it flows through to Outlook straight away.  However if a client decides to cancel then it is removed from the Office365 calendar but remains in the Outlook calendar.  Can anyone help me with this issue?

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In regards to the role out of the new and upcomming days/multible days.
Do you got a roadmap?


My boss is very eager to have this added to his booking system.

When it comes to the admin center, do I have to do anything to activate the upgrade?



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These are great features, but when will the ability to create recurring bookings be available?


We currently have bookings/contracts with the same clients that take place nearly everyday for the entire year. Microsoft Bookings is great, but this is a feature (along with many of users I see) who are desperate for this to be made available.


Many thanks,



Hi @Michael Scullion - Could you please give me more details on the recurring bookings scenario? Would this be similar to the recurrent meetings you can set up in the calendar in Outlook? I.e. "This meeting occurs every Tuesday from 1-2pm until 12/7/2018"?



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Hi @Gabriel Valdez Malpartida Thank you for getting back to me.


I haven't got that far with the Outlook calendar yet, we have only just began merging the day-to-day operations of our business with 365. It sounds slightly similar to something we are after, yes.


For example, we have a booking with a client everyday Monday to Friday, between 08:00 - 09:00 and again later that day between 14:30 - 15:30. This can go on every week for 6 month - 12 months at a time. So, instead of manually inputting these bookings in every day, it would be nice to set it up for one week - then copy that week to whatever date when the contract with the client ends.


I have been setting up StaffHub and that has something similar... where you put a member of staffs shifts in for that week then you can copy that week to months in advance.


I hope this makes sense?


Hi Michael - I think I understand your scenario, but that is something for which Bookings was not really designed. Bookings was designed for an external customer to make an appointment with your business/staff, so asking them to know the recurrence and length of the project doesn't make sense for the common customer. I agree that creating manually that many appointments would not be ideal.


To get around that (assuming you want your staff or yourself busy during that time), you can create a recurring meeting in Outlook and set as a recurrent event, in specific time and days, for a specific length of time.



Once your staff accepts the invite (or they create it themselves), Bookings will block that time from being available from booking in your Bookings page.

Hope this helps!



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Hi Gabriel. I understand and thank you for your detailed explanation.


I am aware bookings focuses on external use, but it wasn't something we intended on using it for (the booking page, email notifications, etc..). We just needed a solution for our office staff that had the same sort of setup as bookings does, but for internal use. Unfortunately, the majority of our staff are not office based, nor require access to 365 features. It was more for our office staff to manage our bookings, predefined services, and the allocation/working hours of our drivers.


I don't think Outlook's Appointments would do the trick, but hopefully I can find a solution somewhere in what 365 has on offer.


Thanks again,



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@Gabriel Valdez Malpartida like Michael, our business would really benefit from a way to either use a Recurrence-like feature or the ability to pick multiple of the same SKU, so that personal calendars are still accounted for.  In my situation, a customer may want to book 3 days with a staff member, but we span multiple time zones and have erratic calendars.  Ideally, I could have a SKU for an 8-hour engagement, and the customer could choose 3x 1-Day and then pick the 3 slots that work for both them and single staff member.

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When a booking is "cancelled" either by the end user, or by the manager of the booking calendar, the corresponding schedule entry in my linked Microsoft Outlook calendar is not deleted. Is this a bug, or is there a setting somewhere for this?