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My PC with windows 8.1 just got a BSOD and clicks when I try to boot it on!

Can somebody Tell me what is the problem?? Is it the power supply or the hard drive??? Thanks for any help!!

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I would do an automatic repair.




Depending on the computer manufacterer if you really need to you could ru

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Sounds like you may have a hardware problem, I would suggest contacting your vendor as posting in the Thought Leadership section of the Microsoft tech community may not g... Read More

I have a client who's recently asked if I knew of or had experience building an 'HR portal'. I shared my feedback, of course, but for some reason, the question caused me to pause today and ask myself: is the term 'portal' inviting or a turn off in today's

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All, thank you! I apologize for the month-long delay. I have been trying to find a way to stay more closely to this community. All your responses provide good insight for

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Personally I think the name is irrelevant, as long as the message is clear and the adoption/training rollout is well planned. I think people get to caught up on minor det... Read More
I think there is still a place for structured and organised information like policies etc...whatever label it is given. The important thing is not to confuse information ... Read More

I think the term HR is out of date :) I hear customers refer to employee portals, which are anything from access to HR-style information (eg how to apply for leave) throu

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Stephanie.  Great point. I think the portal was out of date when it first appeared back in the 90s. Hyperlinks makes the kind of gateway that we see in other media (like

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I truly believed more large orgs would've adopted by now. That's why I'm doing my part to help them navigate.

What are your thoughts on why these numbers are the way they ... Read More

@Stefani Butler


Welcome! This group is for champions of 'the internal voice', the true pulse of an organization. Also known as internal communications, we're here to creatively explore ways to engage our people in real-time. Let's blur the lines between

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Just moved over to the new digs : )
Hello IV&C!
Woohoo! Thanks @Lana O' brien, I'm in! Really appreciate it. :-)

There are three "Working Out Loud" public facebook books you are invited to join. Working Out Loud is the behaviour we finely demonstrate in our trusted Yammer networks.  If you would like to learn and share more on the subject join these public facebook 

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Thanks for the info. I just requested to join.