PowerPoint limitations in O365

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The past couple of weeks I've been showing teachers how to do these things with the desktop version of PowerPoint (see video) https://youtu.be/x5WWXLQdXcY Things like a clickable Table of Contents, Choose-Your_Own_Adventure, making comic strips, cropping pictures into shapes, animations, etc.  They've loved it, but almost none of them can be done in the O365 version of PowerPoint.  But they can all (except the animations) be done in Google Slides.  Since our district has over 28,000 Chromebooks, theses teachers and their students will continue to "Go Google" to use these ideas.  I'm trying to advocate for Microsoft over Google, but until PowerPoint in O365 gets more features, our district will keep looking the other way, and all the popular bloggers will continue writing about all the cool things you can do with Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Ideas for using PowerPoint for things other than slideshows, as well as ideas to spice up your presentations.
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But does Google have the Learning Tools? =) All students can benefit by using them for proofreading, @tomgrissom on Twitter suggested that Immersive Reader would make a great teleprompter, and don't get me started on how much the students love Start from a topic in Sway, all available in the online version. Our district isn't 1:1 so the students only have the online version at school.

UPDATE: Then there are the amazing design tools in PowerPoint that have really helped add to my presentations. 

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