Office 365 2017 Year Review & Predictions for 2018

Nuno Silva

Office 365 in 2017 was a busy year in terms of news, features and new ways to work.

In 2017, about 100 new features were released during the year and organizations face a challenge with those changes, as each company can be more productive with cloud products but must understand the new features to implement them and take advantage of the benefits.


Just to mention a few new features that have been the more popular among customers and the community:

  • OneDrive (On-Demand, new enhancements and features)
  • Microsoft Teams (A new changing of working to be a Modern Workplace)
  • SharePoint Framework (General availability)
  • Microsoft Forms (Available to Enterprise Plans)
  • Microsoft 365 (Combination of Windows + Office 365 + Security)
  • Weekly Digests (News that have been in past week on Office 365)
  • Among others ….

This year was challenging for companies to implement so many new functionalities and products.

My prediction for 2018 is that there will be focus on areas that are emerging, including using new technologies for a better place to work.


Some predictions are:

  • AI (Coming to some parts of Office 365)
  • LinkedIn (Integration to Office 365 with contacts and documents)
  • Teams (New features to be the Office work desk)
  • GDPR (Implementations)
  • Cortana (With Office 365)
  • Multiple Geographic Services (Some parts of Office 365 like Mailboxes and SharePoint sites distributed in different Regions Worldwide)
  • New Intranets on Office 365 (Based on Communication Sites and Team Sites using also Microsoft Teams)
  • New SharePoint, Exchange and Office 2019 Versions

Digital Workplace will be a focus for organizations this year, so that they can become more productive and step up to the next level.


What are your thoughts on 2018? What do you predict will be prioritized in your workplace?


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