Staying in the know - How IT Pros don't miss a thing

Cian Allner
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A rather open ended question and not limited to IT Pros but I was wondering how everyone manages to keep ahead of all the IT news and developments? Are most people using an RSS reader, how about Microsoft Flow (or IFTTT) to trigger alerts, something else like Twitter (& TweetDeck), Google alerts or another resource entirely?


Previously I talked about using an RSS reader to stay up-to-date with the MTC but I use it for a lot more. I subscribe to at least 60 official Microsoft blogs and news sites, I brought together a bunch of them here by the way that is easy to follow.  


Without trying to sound like an advert, I use rules to trigger actions like alerts sent to my mobile for the stuff that I want to know about straight away, use tags to group articles and favourite articles that I want to go back to. Anyway, the point being it helps focus on the most interesting news, stuff that I could miss otherwise.


What's your favourite resource or way of staying up-to-date, what works for you?

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RSS Feeds in my particular case. I consume them in Feedly :-)

Nice, that's a good option.  It's funny how RSS (or content readers as they like to be called sometimes) flies under the radar I think for many, it's just so useful though. 


Another option that was brought to my attention (thanks!), is for those customers with Microsoft Premier Support.  They can get monthly rollup emails, as an example, the most recent one had referenced 655 articles from 213 Microsoft blogs.  That takes a lot of the legwork out of it, in this case, then taking it into OneNote for further analysis.


Another option courtesy of @Julie Turner in the Friday Feature is the Microsoft Cloud Show.  Julie had this to say:


"I listen to the Microsoft Cloud Show as often as I can – those guys do a nice job of summarizing the news in the Azure and Office 365 cloud products".


Recent podcast episodes have included topics like the new SharePoint framework capabilities announced at Build and SharePoint Groups, Sites and Microsoft Teams.

If it helps anyone, I put a together an RSS collection on TechNet, especially for Office 365 news and developments. If that's of interest, simply download the collection (instructions are included) and import it into Outlook, Feedly and most other RSS programs or services.  There are 18 feeds in total.


Office 365 RSS News Feeds Collection


I took it as high praise that @Thomas C. Finney found a couple of feeds he has since added to his own resources from this collection, which Thomas uses to compile the Office 365 Weekly Blog series.