As Healthcare organizations look to increase the community outreach in order to help with improving patient outcomes through preventative education scale, time, and cost can prove limiting factors. Microsoft’s Live Events, part of Office 365, can help organizations set aside these obstacles.

In this Michael on the Go video I discuss the use of Microsoft Live Events to assist Healthcare organizations in increasing their community outreach impact to improve patient outcomes.



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Hi Mike!  I tested it out desktop sharing in a live event and it works great.  Are there plans for an improvement to sharing frame rate?  Also is there anything on the roadmap for audio?  Thinking about scenarios where presenters want to share a video.  Finally, I noticed that the max resolution of video is 720p.  Will that increase when it's out of preview?


Hey @David Phillips ! Great questions. I know they have looked at upping resolution and framerates but not sure if they are going to increase either. I am actually in process of scheduling Stream Days (similar to the SharePoint Week organized). That will include live events and will be a great chance for all of us to hear straight from the Product Teams.

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Hi Mike, I was really psyched that Teams Live Events will allow staff in our non-profit to schedule their own webinars with large numbers of external participants. We've been using Skype Meeting Broadcast now, which requires using a web scheduling interface and doesn't support screen-sharing. One of the most important things in events with anonymous, external participants is low-friction to join the event. With Skype Meeting Broadcast we had people viewing with browsers on their iPads, iPhones and Android phones. With Teams Live Events all of those participants would be prompted to install the Teams app, which we can't expect them to do. I happen to have the Teams client installed on my own iPad, but it wasn't able to tune into a Live Event.


Why would Microsoft go backwards in terms of providing easy access via browser, like every other webinar provider?  Thanks, Paul