Today I received an urgent request from an individual (I frequently get requests from customers via email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram) who had removed the default Wiki Tab from their Microsoft Teams instance and now could not get it back. So they sent me this note: Gabrielle - "Hi Michael! I hope you are well. I have made a grave mistake on my teams platform and I just found your video on Bing about recovering deleted files, but I made the mistake of deleting an entire WIKI tab from the top of my team. Is there anyway to recover my WIKI? I should have backed it up on OneNote-- I feel to stupid. Please help if you can. I am eternally grateful. This is my first very big mistake!"

Well don’t worry Gabrielle, this peeked my interest and I did some poking around. In this HLS Show Me How video I walk you through how to recover the Microsoft Teams default Wiki if you have removed it accidentally.

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