HLS Show Me How - Move Planner Across Teams

The other day I was asked by a customer how they could move a plan from one Microsoft Team to another. Over time they wanted to be able to surface an existing Plan that resides in Team and then render it in another but there did not seem to be an easy way.

In this episode of Show Me How I demonstrate how to quickly leverage the Website tab to pull in an existing Planner Plan and add it quickly as a Tab within any given Team.

Learn more about Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner with the resources below.


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Hi @Mike Gannotti, long time no talk. Hope you are well.


I'm glad you mentioned the big proviso to the hack above - that of permissions. If the link is to a public plan, then no great problem. But if it is to a private plan, it could get squishy. What's your recommendation for how to provide permissions to a non-public plan, and do you have a sense if the Planner product team is working on the ability to migrate a plan across Office 365 groups?


Absolutely @Michael Sampson. If a non public plan then you would need to set the permissions accordingly for the plan being shared. Not ideal but for now would at least give you access across one or more additional Teams. As to whether the Planner team is looking at ability to migrate across Groups/Teams as there is nothing published I really can't comment on it. If a customer of mine has such questions I could discuss with them what may or may not be being looked at as well as connect them to the team directly to discuss. But not at liberty to comment one way or another in this setting.



@Michael Sampson I think there are many organizations that are hoping for plan templates, which might help with your concern about copying a plan across groups.  Last year at Ignite the Planner team mentioned they had that on their roadmap, so hopefully in a couple weeks at Ignite we'll get an update on their progress.   https://youtu.be/DKsyIj4vYwM?t=2227

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Thanks for the answer @Mike Gannotti; here's hoping we see some more goodness in this space shortly. @Eric Davis - agreed. Templates would be great for Planner.


@Eric Davis and @Michael Sampson Here's looking forward to seeing what goodness the Planner team has in store for Ignite. I myself am also looking forward to any announcements they may have.