Intro to IT careers for high school student

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I have a high school intern who I am introducing to the exciting universe of technical marketing. ;)  I'd also like to give her an introduction to the wide world of IT careers as I think she has a lot of skills (self-directed learning, creative problem solving) that would play well in that field. Can you recommend a virtual event or video that would be a good starting point?

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Really interesting question, I think a Microsoft Ignite session like this could be a good place to start, from last year and the included video:


In conversation - raising the next generation of IT pros as diversity and inclusion champions


I started watching and it's quite inspirational.  There are more videos like this in the Diversity & Inclusion section.  Some of the Microsoft edX courses might be worth sampling, which can be done at no cost, something like these


IT Support: Cloud Fundamentals


IT Support: Fundamentals


The Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist course I have recently started is really good and talks a lot about IT roles and responsibilities.  It also goes into the skills required like marketing and communications, business acumen as well as areas like technical competence. 


Hope some of these are of interest.


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