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Worksheets("REPORTS").Range("S22").Formula = "=+'18 hole scores'!RC" & DateColumn


I have had this formula for 4 years and it worked fine. It puts a vaue like C27 into cell S22.

I have not made any changes to the macro.

Now, the result in S22 is literally RC

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Hi George,


I guess it is related with R1C1 reference style.

Follow below path in your excel window

Excel Options -> Formulas -> Working with Formulas -> R1C1 reference styl

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Hi George,  are you able to attach your file or some screenshots?



Hello All


I have a quick question.


I want to categorize my data in three categories like Good Average and Bad, the whole sheet consists of different groups. Below is the example of data, the file is attached as well.


S/NGroupsAmountCategory Scale for Grou
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Hello Muhammad


Restrcuture your scale tables into one table.


Group - Lower - Category

A - 0 - Bad

A - 12 - Good

A - 16 - Average

A - 21 - Bad



In my example the new table

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Best Response confirmed by Muhammad Khan (New Contributor)

I have a spreadsheet with 3 tabs, "Scorecard" used to pull in data from the other two tabs "Raw Data Tod" and "Raw Data Jim".


I have two formuals as per below that work independently of each other, however I want to combine the two formulas into one, so i

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I need to combine a bit of text, followed by a formula in a single cell.  For example, I  have a multi-worksheet spreadsheet that uses data from page 1 to fill in the same data on pages 2 & 3; part numbers, customer name and the like.

I want a single cell

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Hi @chrisp


="Revision "&'SETUP-1'!R4

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Hi all,


I am trying to get rid of some legacy formulas in one of my Excel table. When trying to remove the content in the table or pasting everything as values, I can still find the XML tag <calculatedColumnFormula> with the old formula in the XML for som

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Hi Edouard,


When you create a formula in a Table then it gets stored in that column.  I like to think of it as being "stored" in the column header.


That way even when you

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Hi Edouard,


Interesting question. IMHO, as soon as calculatedColumnFormula tag appeared in Table.xml you can't remove it within UI.


Tag appears if you enter the formula i

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I am trying to use the below formula to analyze some data however the formula seems to be stopping at "Medium" and going no further.  I have also tried to use the "IFS" function but that is just returning "Name?" error message.  Does someone know why

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Worked like a charm! Thanks! I do not use Lookup formulas every day so very rusty!

Hello Claire


A simple LOOKUP()-formula will do:

=LOOKUP(G2,{0;1;5;10;15},{"";"Low";"Medium";"High";"Very High"})


Hi, I'm sure excel can do this I just can't figure out how.


I have a spreadsheet which has department names in the first column and dates across the top row. I have shaded the cell relevant to when each unit is scheduled to start a piece of work. How do I

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Hi @Jessica Evans


There's no standard formula you can use to count shaded cells


The easiest solution would be to type a 1 in each cell you that corresponds to the start d

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I am trying to create a formula and cant seem to figure this one out.  a value is entered in column A and i need a formula in column B that if A<=25 then .5 will appear in the cell. if A>=26 but =< 50 then .35 will appear in the cell. if A >= 51 and <=65

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Hi Jim,


That's classical nested IF with possible alternatives, very good explanations and examples are here https://exceljet.net/nested-ifs


As one of alternative could be

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I would like to know which formula I can use in days calculation between two dates (Counting the first date).
For example:
I have a course starting on 1/4/2017 and ending on 5/4/2017 so the direct calculation shows the different is 4 days, but the rea

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Hi Ahmed


If your have date values stored in your cells then, End_Date - Start_Date +1 gives you the duration in days.  As far as i recall, there are know special functi

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Hi I'm trying to set up a children attendance and payment work sheet.  I need help as to how to set up a formular to calculate payment depending on number of children attending.  So basically if cell E2 is 0 = 0, if cell E2 is 1 = 4, if cell E2 is 2= 6, i

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Hi Lin


I like @Haytham Amairah's solution.


Here's my take using a vlookup or safer still an INDEX MATCH


There's no benefit over Haytham's solution in your particular scen

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Hi Lin,


Simply, you have to use somthing like this:


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Best Response confirmed by Lin Wang (Occasional Visitor)

I am trying to update an Excel document that was, I believe, retrieved at some point from an online resource. I have two lines tracking certain metrics, and need to add two more. However, when I type in the formulas I need for the additional metric tracki

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Hi Amy


The formula has been created as an array formula  that means you need to press Ctrl+Shift+Enter after making changes rather than the normal pressing of enter.



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I need to know the way to make the selection when i move from a cell to another be slow ( like SAP navigator ) i used to it in my old PC but when i get the new it disappeared

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I'm trying to average (=average(f7:f40) the differance between two values. This is the formula (=c6-c7, =c7-c8, and so forth) I use to calculate the differance. Sometimes the value is a negative number witch throws the average off for the differance. I ne

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Hello Calvin




I have the following formula and am getting the #Value error ...  =IF(OR(E34="--",E34=0,E32="--",E32=0),"--",ROUND(E32/-E34,2)&":1")  when there are values in appropriate Rows it calulates correctly, when no data is present I get the #Vakue error.

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Hi Jim

It works for me unless I press space bar to clear the number, in which case I get the #Value error


You could do this



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Best Response confirmed by Jim Jenkins (New Contributor)

I have a datatable that is added to daily by date.  I am using the formula


to count number of "first time visits" to our facility for each group ("Stake"). 

However, I want to write the above formula to only count the dat

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Hi Stephen,


That could be something like this

=COUNTIFS(FirstVisit,"Yes",Stake,A6,VisitDate,">" & EOMONTH(DATE(2017,2,1),-1),VisitDate,"<=" & EOMONTH(DATE(2017,2,1),0))


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Best Response confirmed by Stephen Meyers (New Contributor)

I've forgoten how to how to write a simple formula that will keep the cell blank if there isn't any data in an adjacent otherwise it should do the calculation.


This is how I wrote it.

=IF((E7=" "," "),(F6+E7))


Thank you 

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Dear Chris,

You can also replace this part: E7="" , by this one: ISBLANK(E7)
This will help you to restrict the applying of the formula more then ever.

The applying with thi

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Hello Chris



Help, I need to create an organizational chart.  I downloaded a template from Microsoft templates called Org charts (visual) (it has 4 different org charts.  2 using smart art and 2 only using cells & formatting see the instructions below:  


Use to show h

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well. I need a formula to find out several passive object.
the qustion is that I have three person with three diffrent sallary who should work in passive time for me. but i know The total time that person should work for me is 450 hours. and The contract c

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Hi Kyvan,


Are you sure your figures are correct? Even if we put all 450 Hrs on less paid C person (A=B=0) totally it'll be 450*750,000 = 337,500,000 - much more than your

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I have bookmarked certain text in a Word document, and I'm trying to link that text into an excel spreadsheet using Excel 2016. 


Previously w Office 2010 I was able to do this using this formula:



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Hi William,


I tested right now, it works like this


Excel 2016 and Word2016


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i created a workbook using excel 2016. when using it on 2007 the vlookup functions do not automatically fill after filling in the drop down choices. i have to save the sheet then reopoen it for everything to populate it. all calculations are set for autom

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Hi Danny


Can you clarify what you mean by hte vlookup functions doesn't automatically fill



In Excel 2013: Im trying to count the names in column A (not including TBA) =COUNTIF A2:A40, "<TBA")

plus the number of Fitters in column B =COUNTIF A2:A40, "<TBA", B2:B40,"=Fitter",

plus year in column E, (only if greater than 2017) however I keep getting

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Try this formula:


But you have to move the date column from column E to C, and select all the three columns 
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Can you please help me creat a equal equation that will look to see if the numnber in colunm A is the same in column B


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Hi Jennifer,

You can place this formula in cell C1 =IF(A1=B1,"Same","Not Same").


It will return "Same" if the numbers or values in Columns A and B are same, and return "No

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Hello Jennifr



I am trying to link entered start and end dates into a calendar timeline... i am able to get it to work for one set of start/end dates with the originally planned and the actual dates...but then i cannot add a second plot of the original/planned dates....

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*This is the function, sor

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Hey guys, I'm having some trouble writing an equation for a homework assignment. I'm supposed to Find the average of a row (E6-P6) and then round that to the nearest $10. I keep getting pop-ups that my formua is wrong, and I have no idea where to go from

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Try below formula:-







When using VLOOKUP, how can I get it to return a completely empty cell (with no spaces) when there is no result vs the zero length text cell that ("") produces when used?

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Hi Cliff, what is the next step if you get completely empty cell? what is your final objective? Regards, DILIPandey

Hello Cliff


You want something like this:

Give us a proper NULL() worksheet function.

NULL Worksheet Function


Go there, sign in and vote for this issue.


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