OR In an IF function

Judy Tran
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OR In an IF function


I have two columns containing serial numbers.

I need a function which states that if the first column ends in either 616 or 796, take that column’s serial number and if it ends in neither, take the second column’s serial number.

Is there a function I can use to do this?
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Re: OR In an IF function

Hi Judy


You'll need a formula to do what you are proposing.


I've drafted this formula, see if it does the job for you?




A2 represents the first value in your First column.

B2 represents the second value in your Second column.


Replace the cell references with your desired ones.


I've also attached a same of the worksheet I've made for you to see it in action.


Let me know if this did the trick?




Re: OR In an IF function

Yes, that’s perfect! Thanks so much for your help!

Re: OR In an IF function

Happy to help!

All the best
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