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Nested IF



I need a little nudge on a formula.


I am working on a spreadsheet that calculates day rates for my business. 


Let's say a day is ten hours and the rate for that day is 1000 dollars. Each day requires the transport and setup of multiple pieces of equipment. Since that equipment needs to be set up and taken down each day, the minimum fee for a day is 650 dollars or .65.


We quote in 1/2 or full days. I have an IF statement that will retrieve 650 dollars when it sees 0.5 in the referenced column. What I want is for it to apply that same logic when it sees any variant of .5, like 1.5 or 2.5, etc. So if the number of days in column A is 1.5, I want it to return the value 1650 dollars.


This spreadsheet generates the actual quote and I don't want to have use increments other than .5 for the calculation.


Make sense?

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Re: Nested IF

=(INT(quote)+MAX((MOD(quote,1)>0)*0.65, MOD(quote,1)))*rate

quote can be 1,1.5, 1.7, 2, 2.1, etc.

rate should be 1000, or the absolute cell reference of the cell contains the rate


if only those quote > x.5 and < x.65 turn to x.65

=(INT(quote)+MAX((MOD(quote,1)>=0.5)*0.65, MOD(quote,1)))*rate


Re: Nested IF

Hi Randy

Are you able to upload a sample of the spreadsheet? Might be good to see what you are working with!


Re: Nested IF



I'm trying to get my head around this. I got it to partially work but it seems to be working opposite.

Re: Nested IF



Here's a sample.


Re: Nested IF

=IF(C3,C3*F3,IF(D3,D3*F3,(INT(b3)+MAX((MOD(b3,1)>=0.5)*0.65, MOD(b3,1)))*f3))

I didn't know if this meet your needs.  

Re: Nested IF

In addition to Willy's answer, see if this formula works for you.




Basically, I've devised an IF statement that checks to see if the number is a whole number or decimal.


If it is a whole number, then do B# x 1000.

If it is a decimal value, then B# x 1000 + 650.


I have also modified your spreadsheet and have attached it with the formula in action.


The formula is based on the assumption that you will use only 0.5 increments as you have stated in your post (therefore anything like .1 to 0.9 will always read as $650).


I hopefully have understood you right with what you want but if not, Willy and I can try again!




Re: Nested IF

Great job Willy!

Re: Nested IF



Perfect solution!

Works exactly as I wanted it to and preserves the ability to use decimals other than .5.


Thank you!

Re: Nested IF

Thanks, Damien.  It is because you asked the sample.  If not, I wouldn't know about column C & D.

Re: Nested IF

I like getting a visual when people have complex requirements, glad it helped with the solution.

Love your work Willy, you are awesome at Excel. I learned something new from you!


Re: Nested IF



You understood me perfectly. 


While it's unlikely I'll use a decimal other than .5, I would prefer to preserve the ability to do so. I did not however state that in previous posts.


I think I get it now. The magic lies in INT. Basically, the formula says if it's a whole number, multiply by 1000 (or F3) and if it contains a decimal, substitute .65 for whatever the decimal is.


I'm glad I got two different responses. That gave me a couple ways to look at it and made it click for. I will use both versions. Yours I will use to distribute to staff that don't have the authority to change pricing and Willy's I will use in my version.


Thanks! I sincerely appreciate both of you being willing to help out.



Re: Nested IF

Thanks for the kind words Randy. I think we (in the tech community) just have an awesome amount of fun helping good people like yourself problem solve things.

We're always here if you need anything!

Best wishes
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