Excel formula help

Steven Elphick
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Excel formula help

Hi there,


I am looking to find the easiest formula solution for the following.


I wish to check if table a5:a32 contains the word "MTD", if so, it takes data from a cell in the same row from column F and then sums it in a seperate cell.

so if i had 5 MTD, 5 values would be summed together and not include the rest of data in column F
MTD xxx xxx xxx xxx $50
MTD xxx xxx xxx xxx $20

MTD xxx xxx xxx xxx $10
XXX  xxx xxx xxx xxx $05
                        total $80


Thanks in advance

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Re: Excel formula help

Hi Steven


If I am understanding you right, try this formula:




Change A to your desired column where the MTD text is located.

Change B to where the $ column is located.


Basically, this formula will do what you have asked.


I have also attached a sample file to demo the above for you to see it in action.


Let us know how you go?




Re: Excel formula help

Thanks Damien,


Works exactly as requested. Thank you

Re: Excel formula help

Glad I could help, Steven.

Could you flag the answer as the best response so that other forum users will know what the solution is their for reference?

All the best