Proposal Manager Solution for Financial Services

Banks today are mired in highly manual, inefficient documentation, and fragmented processes—all of which limit innovation and impact the ability to generate proposals quickly.


Microsoft has developed Proposal Manager to give banks the agility they need to capture a competitive edge in a challenging market. Proposal Manager is a solution built on top of the Microsoft 365 platform that takes advantage of its advanced features and functions, together with custom apps, to deliver a streamlined corporate lending loan origination process.


The solution is primarily based on Microsoft 365 (specifically Microsoft Teams), Office, Skype for Business, SharePoint, and SmartLink. With Proposal Manager, corporate banks can easily streamline and automate the corporate lending process, create more effective proposals, and collaborate across the enterprise confidentially—all while taking advantage of the familiar, connected, accessible, and intelligent experience in Microsoft 365. To unlock winning proposals, Proposal Manager is:

  • Integrated for simplicity. Integrate data from existing core systems and documents while automating proposal management.
  • Built on teamwork. Enable seamless cross-team collaboration with connected communications and document editing tools.
  • Designed to unlock creativity. Deliver compelling content quickly and easily with a connected experience across devices.

Download this free brochure and read this blog post to get more information about how to leverage the features of Proposal Manager to enhance your processes. IT developers can visit GitHub today to get started.