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Have you consider to add tenant to tenant migration as part of the FastTrack offering? Many companies are under this scenario with almost no support for it

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I had he same question while back and FastTrack didn't support then, and still not. However we have done IMAP migration for mails and utilized Azure Storage Explorer to M

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For Office 365 tenant to tenant migration is a technical challenge as it isn't just the moving the mailbox data but re-wiring the identities, etc. Given this technical ch

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Dear Microsoft Team 


Greetings !


we have Deployed two environrment for a customer . when we want start the confgiuration and setup Which enviroenemnt we have to do and How the configurations get moved to Production Enviroenement 


Please Clarify Sheikhmydh

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Not sure if you are going to have the answer you are waiting for here...you might better open a support ticket in the FastTrack Center

Update: The AMA Summary is posted! View in the Word Document or Sway


Thank you for joining us today for  great AMA!


We will put together a Q&A Summary of what was covered and share it in this group when it's ready. We hope you will continue to ask

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The AMA Summary is posted!


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Thanks again for joining us. We hope to see you next time! 



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Watch this Microsoft Mechanics video, An overview of the FastTrack digital experience and resources.


Office 365 Senior Product Manager, @Sharon Liu will show you how FastTrack helps you to identify and prioritize your key scenarios and stakeholders, bui

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Great question Hichem. The FastTrack team currently covers a broad range of engagements. For example for Office 365, we support all customers worldwide that have a paid s

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FastTrack will proactively outreach to customers after purchase according to the eligibility of each Microsoft Cloud service. Timing varies but it is often within 60 days... Read More
365 for operations and CRM are now under dynamics 365,is there any tool or framework For the integration of the 2 applications?
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Hi Georges, we plan to make available out-of-box integrated scenario available and also product capabilities to enable new integration scenarios. Please visit our roadmap... Read More
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What is the cost of leveraging FastTrack for a migrating to the cloud?

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HI Hichem. as long as the customers meet the eligibility criteria: http://fasttrack.microsoft.com/dynamics/onboard, there is no additional cost. We will provide best prac... Read More
Microsoft FastTrack is an included benefit for Office 365, EMS, Dynamics and Windows. Please see https://fasttrack.microsoft.com/ for more information. Read More
Thanks for the question Hichem. The FastTrack service is included as part of your license. So there is no incremental cost for the assistance and guidance.
It's for a Dynamics on-premise to online migration
Hi Hichem, can you provide more information on which workload you are interested in migrating? Office 365? Dynamics?

We are in the process of moving a small org to O365 from a (legacy) free Google groups account, one that was set up with a custom domain. The built in migration from gmail to O365 does not appear to work because it's not an @gmail.com account, rather an @

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A couple of options
If you have have 50 or more seats you can get direct help from the FastTrack team. Further if you have 150 or more seats.


Given that you described yo

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My company has 500+ O365 E3 licenses. Can we take advantage of the FastTrack program without engaging a Microsoft FastTrack partner?

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Yes - your organization can work directly with the FastTrack team. If you need further assistance we can loop in your partner for additional help or your own team can cov... Read More
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Let me kick it off.


For quality assurance, how have your experiences been with the FastTrack Team and EMS deployments? All responses appreciated.

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My biggest curiosity is if the data uplift services for D365 mean we can provide MS a SQL MSCRM database for import into CRM Online or is there a tool we can leverage for the migration?

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We provide guidance and best practices, including tools to help you migrate the data through the FastTrack engagement. Customers or partners still need to do the migratio... Read More

How can I find a Microsoft FastTrack Partner? We have O365 but have only deployed SharePoint online so far. We're looking into MDM options, including InTune and EMS, as well as deploying other O365 services.

cc: @Cyrielle Simeone

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The FastTrack Center can refer you to a great EMS partner after a brief needs assessment. Also, please reach out to the Mobility SSP or Account Executive in your area to ... Read More
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Re: Welcome to the FastTrack AMA!


Hey guys, I'm Caleb, I'm the product owner for Teams in our organization! Here to learn more about what fasttrack is offering specifically for teams



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Awesome, change management is a big emphasis right now in our organization so I think this could be very helpful!

Hi Caleb! Nice meeting you. FastTrack supports Microsoft Teams by providing you with onboarding and user adoption resources and guidance. For more information about how w

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What are you hoping to see for Teams?

Hey Caleb, we've moved this question to a new post to ensure the team sees it.
Welcome Caleb!

Welcome to the FastTrack Ask Microsoft Anything! This live hour gives you the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback directly to the FastTrack team regarding the recent announcement that FastTrack has expanded to support Windows 10, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams

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We have been using FastTrack for our mailbox migrations, since there really is no data to move for Microsoft Teams, what is being offered for that product?

Bring on the questions! We're caffeined up and on a sugar high!





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Hello! My focus is your success with FastTrack - super excited to be here with you!
Hello. I have been working with Jason Kim, Marco Rodrigues, Gregg Barker from the FastTrack team on a POC and they have been awesome!

Hi all. I'm responsible for our FastTrack web experiences. Look forward to hearing your feedback and discuss what we can do to best help you. Now back to coffee and donut

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i had a good experice with D365 data packages, i've managed to deploy data packages throgh LCS, as well as uploading these packages over to Asset library and shared library in LCS account.

my question is can deploy the DIXF data package from Customer A

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Thank you for your question. This is a technical question about LCS. I will note down and follow up with our engineering team.

Hi - it's Maria joining from Finland.
Does the FastTrack program cover on-premises to online migrations during FastTrack (for CRM / Sales)? And if yes does it take benefit of Bulk Data Loader?

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Yes, the FastTrack program does accept the customers in this scenario as long as they meet the eligibility criteria: http://fasttrack.microsoft.com/dynamics/onboard. And ... Read More
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Good question, thanks

I am curious to know if team users are included when the minimum user requirement is reviewed for D365 Fasttrack. 


As well, what services specifically woudl be covered under a D365 Fasttrack. 

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Thank you for your interest. Here is the eligibility criteria: http://fasttrack.microsoft.com/dynamics/onboard, including App and Plan info. Read More

Hi, any updates on when Dynamics 365 Business Edition will be available?

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Thank you for your interest in FastTrack. We currently don't support Business Edition. Will evaluate this in the future.

On Thursday, January 26, 2017 the Microsoft Tech Community will host an ‘Ask Microsoft Anything’ (AMA) from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. PST / 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. GMT in the FastTrack AMA group. Add the event to your calendar here.  


An AMA is a live online eve

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Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Shared via twitter @netstatinfo :smileyhappy:

I will try to be there!