Windows/Office code quality

Jim Harring
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You don't have to look past Computerworld.com to see a rough summer in terms of windows10/Office365 patches breaking stuff.


I welcome your offer to assist in RCA with our announced addition of tools. I'd encourage you to work with other software developers to ensure they are aware of anticipated changes and are proactive in notifying customers.


Anyway you can create a common searchable database of apps and patches affecting the apps? We have to search a lot of sites and it's pretty inefficient. 

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Hi Jim - It sounds like you might have a suite of tools that you'd like to discuss?  If so, I'd encourage you to talk with the Microsoft Partner facing team.  As for change management, we do publish the Office Roadmap http://roadmap.office.com to share upcoming new features and other changes.  The roadmap sounds like it could be of assistance.



Thanks for responding. I think Susan E Bradley (of patchmanagement.org) open letter published on AskWoody articulated my concerns better than I can do here. I have to agree with a lot of her concerns. I won't expand on that part of my previous post here.


I understand it must be pretty difficult balancing progress and (especially) security improvements when you are the widest used OS in the world. I get that. What I'd like to see is a much more efficient way for admins to develop a RCA, or at least see if someone else has had the issue they now have and what they did to resolve. Perhaps the Windows Analytics can be leveraged here?