Welcome to the FastTrack AMA!


Welcome to the FastTrack Ask Microsoft Anything! This live hour gives you the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback directly to the FastTrack team regarding the recent announcement that FastTrack has expanded to support Windows 10, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams 


Please post your question in a new thread. You can view the AMA Guidelines here. 


To start introduce yourself below and tell us where you're logging in from!


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Hi everyone, I'm Cyrielle and I work on FastTrack for Office 365, welcome to our AMA!

Hi everyone, this is Alick Law from the Windows team. We are excited to be launching the FastTrack for Windows 10 Preview. Look forward to chatting with you!
Hi - I'm Mark Hassall and I can help answer your questions on the FastTrack for Windows 10 Preview
Hello! I am Adam Bresson and I work on FastTrack for EMS. Excited to participate!
Hi everyone, I am Julia. I work on FastTrack for Dynamics 365. Welcome to today's AMA!!

Good day all and welcome. Mike here from the community team geeked for an awesome hour! 

Welcome everyone! Logging in from Redmond. So excited to be here today with the amazing FastTrack team!

Hey everyone! I'm Chad, and I work on the FastTrack team focusing on Adoption and ensuring customers are successful with their investment in our products!

Hi all. I'm responsible for our FastTrack web experiences. Look forward to hearing your feedback and discuss what we can do to best help you. Now back to coffee and donuts for a minute.

Hello. I have been working with Jason Kim, Marco Rodrigues, Gregg Barker from the FastTrack team on a POC and they have been awesome!
Hello! My focus is your success with FastTrack - super excited to be here with you!

Bring on the questions! We're caffeined up and on a sugar high!





We have been using FastTrack for our mailbox migrations, since there really is no data to move for Microsoft Teams, what is being offered for that product?

Thank you for sharing Michelle!! Glad to hear :)
Hi Caleb, I provided more information on Microsoft Teams in your other post :) in general FastTrack for Office 365 helps with onboarding, migration, and user adoption. For workloads where migration activities are not needed, we can still provide guidance on core onboarding, service onboarding of workloads needed to enable the Microsoft Teams experience, and finally user adoption resources and guidance (awareness kits, end-user training, scenarios, change management best-practices).
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