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Christopher Kibble
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Can we expect any announcements in the short term about a move to Office 365 ProPlus 64-bit as being the preferred deployment type?  Is Microsoft doing anything with third parties to ensure that they're taking a move to this architecture into account when building addins?

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Hi Christopher--


Yes, we plan to have an announcement soon.  In general, we've provided guidance that 64-bit Office 365 ProPlus is great for most users, with 32-bit Office 365 ProPlus a good choice for those with older add-ins or macros which haven't been updated.  We've worked with a number of third-party developers on 64-bit support.  We're confident that the ecosystem is ready for 64-bit, so recently announced Desktop App Assure, a program that will help move forward any remaining long-tail add-ins that are problematic.  See this post for more information: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2018/09/06/helping-customers-shift-to-a-modern-de...



I get a page not found error with this link... 

Thank you! 

Will Desktop App Assure inventory add-ins used by 32-bit Office and tell us about 64-bit support in the same way that previous dashboards told us about applications ready for Windows 10?

Hi Christopher - Desktop App Assure is a team of engineers, rather than a tool or dashboard.  The Readiness Toolkit for Office https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployoffice/use-the-readiness-toolkit-to-assess-application-compat... might be what you're thinking of, and it's still the tool to check for compatibility issues.  If you find an issue, then you'd contact the Desktop App Assure team.



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