Adam Glick, Sr. Technical Manager with the Exchange team, has been out at TechEd this week talking about Mobility in Exchange 2010. But before he left, the TechNet Edge team caught up with Adam in his office back at Redmond. In this newly released video, Adam shares why he is excited about Exchange 2010 and also why he thinks end-users and IT PROs will also be equally happy with the new features and functionality.

So, what is new in Mobility?

  • Conversation View: If you use this feature in Outlook and OWA (Outlook Web Access), you already know that this is an easy way to track a conversation. Conversation treats multiple messages like a single conversation, allowing users to manage, move or delete multiple messages a whole vs. going through the string one-by-one.
  • Free/Busy Look-up: Now you instantly know if your contacts are available for a last minute meeting or if they are on a call.
  • Nickname Cache: This automatically populates a list of suggested emails based on recent messages, allowing users to email more quickly.
  • SMS Sync: Send and receive SMS text messages from Outlook and OWA!
  • Reply State: Icon indicates if you have already replied or forwarded an email.
  • Installable Client: Upgrading to Exchange 2010 doesn't mean you have to update your phone! All of the latest features are available to users with a mobile device that has 6.1 or later. Just download the update.

Check out Adam's demos on each of these new features. Adam is the latest member of the Exchange team to be featured by the Edge team. Ankur Kothari was featured last month in a video on Voice Mail enabled by Unified Messaging.

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Exchange 2010 looks cool, but I'm trying to find the cool part of these specific mobile features.  

Reply state any different than what we already have with purple/blue icons?
SMS sync has been available third party free for years.  Also in a corporate structure, SMS is more limiting than emails.  even IM is better.
Nickname cache, I've not had issues quickly replying to users.  Strange.
Conversation view, I guess it's ok, but really I'd rather have a more functional mobile device that allowed me more characters per screen.

Free/busy lookup is the one thing I'd like, but that was already a given feature from Exchange previously.

In fact, if I could just get a better browser client on WM, I would just use OWA via https...

Thanks for the update!
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Guess we'll be waiting for WM7 to pull us away from our iPhones!
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I'd love to be alerted on high priority messages at the very least, but it'd be awesome to have alerts when specific people email me, too.  The lack of high priority email alerts is one big reason we are moving *away* from AS and not further expanding our deployment.
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Does he have the Microsoft mouse circa 1995?  and is it a right-handed mouse on the left side of the keyboard?
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Where can we get the Installable Client mentioned in the artikle ??? Our ITS is rolling out a pilot of Exchange 2010 soon and I am one of the few lucky ones...But I currently own a Windows Mobile 6.1 Device...