By now you have seen our interviews with both Global Crossing and Lifetime Products and you've heard what excites them most about moving to Exchange 2010. Check out the video interviews with Global Crossing and Lifetime Products. We headed down to Memphis to visit one more  customer, Morgan Keegan & Company to get their take about why they too moved to Exchange 2010.  Morgan Keegan CIO John Threadgill, says the number one reason they chose to move to Exchange 2010 was the cost savings their organization expects to see.

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Wall Street and Technology was also interested in what Morgan Keegan has to say about Exchange 2010 and their cost savings story is pretty compelling. Check it out here.

See for yourself how Morgan Keegan is doing more with less and saving money along the way.

Crystal Flores

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I'd like to know where the 10% - 15% cost reduction year over year is coming from. Is he saving on network links with new resilience features? Is he saving on storage? or has he replaced a 3rd part archive system to use exchange's one? thanks, leo