As a member of MCS that focuses on Exchange design and implementations, one of the tasks that I ensure each customer performs prior to deploying Exchange is to validate the storage platform using Jetstress.  To that end, I have created a whitepaper that explains the process and requirements for validating an Exchange storage solution prior to releasing an Exchange deployment into production. The whitepaper explains how Jetstress works, how to plan for and perform a Jetstress test, and how to automate the process.  You can use this whitepaper with any version of Exchange you plan to deploy.

You can download the whitepaper here.

Neil Johnson

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Very nicely done Neil.  It's nice to have all of the important information about JetStress in one place.  I wish I would have had this when I was doing my storage testing.  A little more about automating the process would be good.  Maybe an example?
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Very nice, year 2010 from the MS point of view is great ;)
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Thanks for the comments.  I wrote a blog article discussing Jetstress automation last year, although I didnt put it up for publication here.  This is a link to it...


I will try to find time to include this in the whitepaper over the next few weeks.  It possibly needs an update since the post I wrote was for Jetstress 2007 and I havent gone through it in detail - still it gives a rough idea of how to go about automation :)
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Thanks Neil and congratulations - again - for your MCM 2010 ;)