I wanted to reach out to you to help me (and my team) understand how you manage your Exchange discovery mailboxes. What we learn here will be used to help us narrow down our plans around future management of this feature.

To help narrow down what I'd like to lean about, I prepared some questions:

1. In your daily admin work, which management task you need to perform on discovery mailbox?

(e.g. manage full access permissions for discovery mailbox, changing quota, reset password... etc.)

2. How often do you perform this task?

(e.g. monthly, quarterly... etc.)

3. Which tool you will use in order to perform the task?

(e.g. EMC, PowerShell... etc.)

Please post in the comments of this blog post! If you have other general feedback around discovery mailbox management, it would be interesting to hear too. Thank you!

- Elber Ren
(a PM on Exchange Management team)

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1. Manage access permissions

2. Monthly, but for multiple

3. EMS all the way (hoster limitation), with end users accessing Search through ECP.

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1. Manage full access permissions

2. Monthy/Weekly

3. Shell

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1 - None.  I work at a small company that doesn't use email discovery.

2 - Never

3 - Who knows? It will probably never happen.

Exchange discovery is one of those features that was highly promoted when Exchange 2010 came out, but is completely worthless for smaller companies.  Small companies aren't getting sued on a regular basis and don't have "compliance officers" or other people whos sole job it is to review employee emails.

It would be nice if Microsoft worked on more products and features for smaller organizations rather than designing their products primarily for huge multi-national organizations with tens of thousands of employees.

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Never used a discovery mailbox in 10 years of Exchange Managent of max. 100 users. Switzerland though.

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Thanks! Any other management task for discovery mailbox that you may perform? Looks like (if you need to manage it) manage full access permission is the most common task comparing to other discovery mailbox management tasks.