Recently we posted about Perry Clarke’s blog and the Geek Out With Perry series of chalk talk videos – see Check out our our new blog and video series - Geek Out With Perry, Geek Out with Perry on Data Protection, and Answered: Data Protection questions on Geek Out With Perry. If you haven't yet started to "Geek Out with Perry", now’s a great time to start.

Here’s another edition of Geek Out with Perry, where Perry discusses the suite of e-mail archiving features that we've invested in as well as where we want to go with archiving in the future. This is a hot topic so be sure to check out Exchange Archiving on Perry’s blog.

We are continuing to get great questions and comments so feel free to keep the feedback coming. We will continue to answer your questions via blog posts and video chalk talks.

-Ann Vu

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Like the series so far. Detailed information but in manageable chunks. The last article doesn't seem to be allowing comments so I'll ask it here. Can you use the cross mailbox search facility against archive mailboxes and also does this work against mailboxes that are in the mailbox retention area?
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@Paul.Bendall: Multi-Mailbox Search includes the user's primary and archive mailboxes by default. Not sure what you mean by retention area. If you mean disconnected mailboxes - No, it requires a mailbox to be connected (i.e. associated with a user account).
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@Bharat thanks for the reply that covers what I wanted to know about disconnected mailboxes. I'll need to consider journalling, backups or third-party archiving to meet my corporate requirements