Every day we talk to customers, partners, consultants, analysts, administrators and a lot of great people like you. You have shared with us your ideas, opinions, favorite features, memories and recommendations. We love hearing from you so we wanted to help share your voice with the rest of the Exchange community - what better way to do this than with some videos? We're introducing a new series: Exchange Ideas.

In this video series, we'll cover different topics and questions discussed by our community, including Exchange team members. We're kicking it off with Exchange Faves, in which we asked folks about features and technology areas in Exchange that were their favorites. A great deal of people were incredibly passionate about Mailbox Resiliency so we made it our first Exchange Faves topic. Check out the video - you might be in it!

Stay tuned for more Exchange Ideas videos. We've been capturing footage of a lot of community members at different events and will continue to film people so please participate when you see me around with a camera - we're thrilled to hear from you!

Ann Vu

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are you having a contest/ giveaway?  I received a tex saying I have won $500,000.00 US and it was from Microsoft, would love for it to be true but if it is not would be happy to send you the contact information they  sent me?

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@Debbie: You can generally tell by looking at message headers. In general, unsolicited messages that inform you you've such a large sum should be treated suspiciously. We're not aware of Microsoft ever running such a contest or giveaway. :)

Please see 'Email and web scams: How to help protect yourself' (www.microsoft.com/.../phishing-scams.aspx). The page has an email address for reporitng phishing scams.

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DAG - Complete a kickass solution !! bye-bye VERITAS...

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Any thoughts on posting these videos somewhere other than YouTube?  A lot of larger organizations block access to YouTube.

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For folks who are unable to watch via YouTube, we'll also be posting the videos on www.microsoft.com/.../default.aspx. Thanks!