Many users rely on their smartphones and other mobile devices to access their email and calendar using Exchange ActiveSync (EAS). Any issues with mobile device access and EAS are noticed and reported immediately and a solution is expected just as quickly.

To assist you in troubleshooting EAS issues in your organization, we just released the Exchange ActiveSync Guided Walkthrough (GWT). You can use this walkthrough for troubleshooting some common EAS issues such as:

  • Creating a profile on the device
  • Connectivity issues
  • Mail flow issues (unable to send/receive email)
  • Calendaring issues
  • Delays or server performance issues

Here's what it looks like:

Figure 1: The Exchange ActiveSync Guided Walkthrough

The goal for this walkthrough is to help you scope & resolve issues on your own by providing troubleshooting steps that can be used to address most common EAS issues. The tool also helps in log collection, analysis and taking appropriate steps to address common EAS issues.

Special thanks to Sharon Shen, Sainath Vijayaraghavan, Miguel Ortiz, and Matt Bromberger for their contributions in developing this troubleshooting tool.

Jim Martin

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Exchange ActiveSync Guided Walkthrough
a lot of thanks
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Very Informative and good troubleshooting tool for ActiveSync
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@PLEASE FINISH YOUR BLOGS!!!: Thanks for the feedback. Please note you're participating in a professional forum here and while we welcome all valid criticism, including from anonymous sources, we request you to keep the discourse professional. Your question

regarding The Road Ahead post has been addressed in earlier comments/responses on that post.

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Good information!!
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Good tool. Thank you. Is there any way to change the background color? It's just a blinding headache-inducing white with an off grey text.
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Thanks, great tool for us Exchange On-Premises Customers with EAS / Smartphones.
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Nice tool for Exchange On-Premises Customers. Thanks
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Neat tool, but it reminds me too much of Office 2013. Ghastly white with 90% wasted space.
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something something something On-Premises customer... Thanks:)
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Exchange Team - you have a previous blog entitled "Exchange Server - The Road Ahead" where you ask questions like "What are you cooking up for the next version of Exchange?" You've STILL never answered that question and it is 3 MONTHS later? Can we PLEASE

have the answer? It's like your VP started writing the article, then just went all stupid. If this is your leadership and how they communicate, you are doomed.