Update: this beta program is now closed; please see this for the feature availability announcement.

We got some replies to our previous post on the subject, but wanted to reach out again as we want to make sure we validate this scenario well. Therefore, here is an updated request: If you are using Public Folders (legacy or modern) and would like to migrate some of them to Office 365 Groups, we are working on a solution for that. We are starting with the migration of Calendar and Mail folders and will move on to other types as we complete work on those. We would like to have customers who would like to try this migration to provide feedback. Please email us with below information if interested. You can also send us your information if you would like to try migrating other types of public folders (other than Calendar and Mail) as we extend the support to those folder types. But our immediate work is related to Calendar and Mail. Drop us an email at: (email removed after beta program closure)
  • Customer name:
  • Tenant domain name in Exchange Online:
  • Location of public folders; on-premises or Exchange Online:
  • If on-premises, Exchange version of public folder servers:
  • Public folder types to migrate (Mail, Calendar – sooner; Task, Contact – later on):
  • Total count of public folders by folder type (Alternatively run ‘Get-PublicFolder -Recurse -ResultSize:Unlimited | Group-Object FolderClass’ and share the output):
  • Total size of public folders:
  • Which of the following public folder features do you use?
    • Public Folder Rules
    • Public folder permissions
    • Sub-folders to organize content
  • Public Folder usage scenarios:
Your organization might need to join our TAP program (depending on public folder location) – and if so, we will share those details with you after reviewing the above. A little update to provide a timeline: as part of this, we are ready to start migrating Exchange Online (EXO) public folders to Groups right away, with legacy / on-premises public folders following within a few months. Public Folder Migration team