troubleshooting an issue with an excel macro app

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Surface Pro

windows10  1803(Build 17134.590)

Office 365 proPlus Excel version 1808 (build 10730.20280). 


I have an excel app that is being used by many folks in our online community.  I seem to be the only one that has an issue with it so I have to think it is something about my environment.  I've worked with the developer (the app is locked) and he can open and use my spreadsheet without problem.  Basically the kickoff macro crashes very early - sometimes with an error about accessing a global object, most often though the crash is silent.  We know that the crash is very early in the opening sequence because he throws up a splash page first thing and that page does not come up.  


I have gone through many attempts to correct the problem and nothing seems to work.  Occassionally, if I open a sequence of other spreadsheets and wait long enough, the functionality comes back but usually only briefly.  Nothing that I have tried over the last almost year will bring it back consistently.  I'm working on two theories and I would appreciate any and all suggestions.  Be gentle - I'm not a Excel programmer.


1.  Security.  It may be that something in the code is being interpreted as a risk and Windows is suppressing it.  Usually would we expect to see a message when that happens but maybe the code has to trap that and do it's own reporting.  The app does access the internet, signs into a website and collect data.


2.  Caching.  This is my best guess.  That something in the fast load process is caching a process or state that is corrupt and continually refreshing itself.  I don't know enough about fast load to really know if that is a possibility.  Is there anyway of forcing a clean restart of excel/windows such that it will completely dump all of its caches and fast load information?  I'm to the point of doing a complete uninstall/reinstall of O365.


I know I haven't really given you a lot of information about the app but since it is locked I can't do much with it.  The author makes this app freely available but doesn't allow us to get under the hood and I respect that.  He has given freely of his time trying to find a solution but we just can't find anything.


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