superimpossed field that I cannot remove

Angela Pedraza
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If someone can help me, I'd appreciate it. I have a superimpossed field or item that does not clear.  I try to erase, delete, cut and I cannot figure out how to get rid of it.  If I click on it, I can write on it, but I do not want it.


I have a surface laptop with Office Home and Student 2016.

Here is a screenshot of it.


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Hi Angela,


How did you try to delete it? Try to click on the border of that box, most probably you'll see


press Del then



Dear Sergei,

Thank you for replying.  
The field does not respond to anything other than opening a second box to insert a check mark.  I can write text on it, it has a live cursor, but I cannot eliminate it.  When I get to the edge an arrow or a double lined cross opens, but I cannot get rid of it.  I have tried Del, I have tried right-click / delete,
I have tried moving it with drag and drop (does not move)
Attached is a capture of this thing with the check mark and writing on it.

Angela, could you please make a copy of your file, delete all information (or at least sensitive one) and attach that file to your post here

Dear Sergei,

It is a rather large workbook file of terminology, with many worksheets.  As I tried copying this specific worksheet only to send to you, this ghostly field disappeared in the new worksheet, it does not copy.  Would you want me to send the whole file? 

For resolution purposes, I guess I can copy the whole worksheet to a new one given that the field disappeared like that. 

If you are part of the Excel technical team wanting to look into this, I can send you the whole file.


Dear Sergei,

I figured out how to copy the portion where it is in a file to upload.

If you can tell me what the problem is, I'll learn to not do that again.  I've struggled with this since last night.




Hi Patricia,


You have lot of boxes one under one. To delete on ribbon Home->Find & Select-Go to Special



Here select Objects, Ok


Now all your boxes are to be selected


Click Del



Important. Forgot to say such way you will delete all objects at once in your sheet. You have lot of them like this


However, if you'd like to keep some object(s) which you will use, when delete them one by one. On ribbon in Developer tab activate Design mode


click on object and Del. Repeat with each of them which you'd like to delete.

Thank you so much.

Have a great weekend.

You too

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