no links/VBA/addons, but : Microsoft excel waiting for another application to complete an ole action




Excel stops working about every 20 minutes for a few minutes -I just have to wait - and then this message pops up: ""microsoft excel waiting for another application to complete an ole action". Thereafter it works again, I can save etc., but it is highly interruptive and annoying. 


The excel files does not have any links, embedded files, not a single add-on is activated in excel. 

I have checked all the common hints that can be found, ticked "ignore other applications using DDE" in excel options, updated the office package, updated windows - nothing I have tried so far helps.

Again, the weird thing is that there are no embedded links or the like, and I have no idea what the reason could be for this error message to keep emerging.


Any advice is highly appreciated!  



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Hi Helen,

I suspect there is a hidden link that you're not able to see via normal "Built in" Excel tools like DATA --> EDIT LINKS.
Sometimes these are buried in things like charts, that have been copied from one file to another.

Download an Excel add-in tool from Microsoft called "INQUIRE". That add-in allows you to interrogate the whole spreadsheet and reports ALL links. Then you should be able to remove them.