multiple cell color formatting

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I'm wondering how to reformat the cell fill color across an entire sheet, i.e., I want to change all of the orange filled cells to blue.


I have excel for Mac 2018 v16.16.5 and don't see a find and replace option for this.


Is this supported by my current excel version?  Thanks.

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I guess that shall work on Mac as well:


Ctrl+H, expand Options, in Find what define the format to replace; in Replace with the format on which to change. Replace All after that.


No sorry, there's no option for this in the Mac version.

Here the answer if anyone can use it.


Run it in macros


Sub ColorCoding()
For Each sheet in Worksheets
For Each rCell In sheet.Range("A3:CC500")
If rCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 45 Then
rCell.Interior.Color = RGB(255, 204, 153)
ElseIf rCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 33 Then
rCell.Interior.Color = RGB(153, 204, 204)
ElseIf rCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 35 Then
rCell.Interior.Color = RGB(204, 204, 153)
End If
Next rCell
Next sheet
End Sub

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