make "Cancel" as default button

Lorenzo Kim
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Is there a way to make the Data Validation prompt button (pls see image below) to default at "Cancel" ?

many thanks..




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Hi Lorenzo,

Do you mean that you want to set the focus (blue shape) on the Cancel button instead of Retry?
If so, there is no option to change it in Data Validation settings!
But you can create a custom data validation solution using a VBA code!

In fact, I've tried to write this code, but it's not perfect!

The simple workaround is to press tab after the message box pops up to move the focus to the Cancel button.

Mr. Amairah

Thank you very much for your reply.

Maybe excel could revise it, so that we user can have a choice.

If you want to abort the dialogue box, simply press the ESC key.

thanks for the reply..