formula for data calculation

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* By using formula , if the value in column G is between -1 to -200 then put the value in column E and if the value is exact -600 in column G theN put it in column D , and if the value is exact -500 then put it in the column F AND if the value is 1 or more the 1 then put it in H. This is a sample data , i have a data in large number so i have a need to do this automatically.

pls find the attached file.

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You may add conditions to each of your columns, e.g. in D3


and drag it down. Similar for other columns.

@aayushman_mishra  Attached please find file with required formula.


@Sergei Baklan Sir i m unable to do , please if you can do a favour .

@tauqeeracma but i wanted the column G should automatically go zero when we transfer value from this column to another by using the formula you gave.


That's with macro if you'd like to move value from one cell to another.

sir , i m just a beginner so please if you can help me with it. also i want the column G should get 0 automatically.


@aayushman_mishra I have modified the formula, hopefully it will help.

@tauqeeracma that was perfect , thank you so much.

@aayushman_mishra  You're welcome

@tauqeeracma Hey, have successfully applied it and its working , but a condition im facing is that, now their is a value in column G i.e -750 and i have to take -600 to D and -150 to E , which makes up -750.


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