find cell name in result of a formula in a second sheet

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Hi I'm making a dashboard where I import raw data reports from an old fashioned ERP system into different sheets. The dashboard sheet then retrieves and calculates different results and combines these into 1 view on 1 sheet.

To find the top performing customers YTD, the dashboard retrieves it's data in sheet 'sales per klant' using the aggregate function: 

=AGGREGATE(14;6;(('sales per klant'!$H$3:$H$1002)*('sales per klant'!$A$3:$A$1002=$A$6));1).


the value returned is correct.  However I also want to have the D cell retrieved that is the same as the result found with this formula so I can also link the customer name in the dashboard.  So ideally I need a formula to determine the location of the cell that is the result of the formula, or another way to get this done.



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