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I have done an extensive work with calculations in excel for the university, but they do not let me deliver it in this format. the sending format is world with all the transcribed numerical data... there is any way for Excel to display the numbers instead of the cells used for calculations? thanks!

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Hi Eva Maria, do you mean you wrote your calculation results in ms word, but you have to do it with excel and insert screenshots from that calculations to your ms word document? Viele Grüße von Eva

If you are presenting Excel results in Word, you have a number of choices.  The simplest approach is probably to transfer the information as pictures and present the results either as Tables or Figures.  Either Excel's Copy as Picture or the Snipping tool will achieve this.  If you take this approach, it is important to get the formatting you require, including adding or eliminating borders, correct before you take a copy.

Hello, thank you so much for answering my question, but I do not mean that. I do not want to copy the image with the final result, but with the calculations to arrive at the result. I want to have the calculations for example: F6 / (D1 + E7) in the cell or table directly write 10. I want that excel write 100 (5 + 5) if is possible


I am not convinced that there is a way of achieving this that is much better than typing the 'formulas' from scratch.  If you use Ctrl+grave (next to the 1-key) the worksheet toggles to show formulae rather than values.  If you select the cell references or defined names individually and press F9, Excel will replace the references by their current values.

The downside of this is that it is labour intensive and you destroy the operation of your workbook.  You will still have work to do adjusting number formats etc.


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